KTM is consistently trying something new and experimenting with its products. The Austrian bike maker has been working on the updates for the whole RC lineup. We’ve already seen some spy shots from time to time. 


There is a lot of speculation, rumours and even facts about the KTM RC 390. Many people have created all sorts of theories; some are creative, some are less so. However, moving further, the details about the engine available are very scarce. 

We could see the upcoming KTM RC 390 may get linear power delivery with the same 373cc displacement, liquid cool, six-speed transmission engine.


Also, previous spy shots seem to indicate the engine will have fuel injection and will be tuned for a more usable power curve up top.

Whereas in the past these bikes have had trouble spending off-idle and into the revs.


The KTM RC 390 has always been a great-looking bike. In fact, we believe it is the prettiest in its segment. 

The Austrian manufacturer had to make a few changes to bring this new styling language to its motorcycles.

Until now, the KTM motorcycles were characterised by sharp lines and minimal use of plastics.

The latest versions will be more complex in their overall design as they will have great use of different materials on each bike.


Spy shot of the 2022 KTM RC 390


A redesigned KTM RC 390 is in the works and will be launched sometime next year. The bike is not complete ground-up development. 

The Austrian manufacturer will carry forward the existing RC 390 platform. But while several vital components have remained untouched, there are enough new bits to ensure it doesn’t just turn out to be a facelift. 

Like the Duke 390 that debuted, the new RC 390 will sport an all-LED lighting system, including the headlamp and tail lamp. 

Apart from that, KTM has also turned to Bosch for its electronics suite onboard the motorcycle, including ABS (antilock braking system) and traction control.

What more, we could see also see Bluetooth connectivity and navigation functionality. However, the critical question here is will KTM bring the riding modes and ride by wire, unlike TVS Apache RR310?

Another Spy shot of the 2022 KTM RC 390


KTM has likely carried out similar alterations for the all-new RC 390. The sub-frame and frame are expected to be brand new bits. 

At the same time, the suspension may also receive the needed changes in geometry and setup to make it more comfortable than the existing model.

As you can see from the images above, the upcoming KTM RC 390 is different from the current model.  The changes are not just cosmetic, however.  

The single big difference between the two models is their geometry, as KTM has amended multiple components like the seat, footpegs and handlebar to provide a more comfortable position to the rider.


With all these updates, expect the price of the upcoming next-generation RC 390 to go up by Rs 30,000 to 40,000.

The current model retails at Rs 2.66 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).  

Image Source : Motorrad


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