What had happened to the versatile Emflux Motors?

 What had happened to the versatile Emflux Motors?

Today we talk about what had happened to the most versatile India electric motorcycle manufacturer Emflux Motors. 

With much fanfare, the concept ‘ One ‘ was brought on the motorcycle scene.

Crucial timeline

We take a look at the timeline of Emflux One. Emflux Motors started in Aug 2016 as an electric mobility company. 

Emflux motors started teasing ‘One’ beginning in December 2017.

With the astounding design philosophy, Banglore based Emflux Motors showcased it’s ambitious electric concept blue colour ‘ One ‘ at an Autoexpo 2018.

The ‘One’ had an exciting performance spec with a touring range of 200km per full charge and 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3 seconds, and a top speed of 200 km/h.

The concept ‘ One ‘ with the Emflux team teased in March 2018. 

Later, in August 2018, Emfluz Motors displayed an iterative process involving running simulations, building prototypes and testing, and learning from your mistakes. 


Further Emflux said, ”  With every cycle, the product ripens until it is ready for production. Passion, determination, and teamwork are what drive us to carry out this process and deliver perfection “.

In the same month, we also saw a naked streetfighter drawing by the name ‘ Two Futurefighter ‘.

With Emflux saying ” So, while we’ve been busy getting the Emflux ONE ready for production. Our Designers and Engineers have been working on some cool stuff in parallel. Imagine a powerful Naked Streetfighter, only this time; it’s Electric. 

Imagine the incredible power of electricity packaged in a lethal street-racing machine that takes no prisoners. 

Imagine carving through traffic like a hot knife through butter, and leaving your opponents clueless about what left them in the dust.

It is silent, yes, but it has no intentions of being polite. Two good to be true? Stay tuned”.

In September 2018, we saw Emflux team assembling a ‘One’ prototype in red colour.

Further again in October 2018, we saw the testing of the prototype. In the same month, we looked at the event wherein Neufund announced the Equity Token Offering.

November 2018

The One had undergone a few design changes and refinements that are aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional in nature. 

The package is now both sleeker and lighter in appearance while being more comfortable to use.

December 2018

Emflux unveiled there proprietary Emflux WARP Chargers.

January 2019

The new year saw unveiling the AC Level 2 – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for charging electric Superbike ‘One’.

August 2019

Saw the design of two new bikes where Emflux said ‘ However, we’re doubling down on our promise by creating not one, but two new beasts from the same gene pool as the Emflux ONE, one more affordable than the other. 

We present the Emflux TWO and TWO+, a pair of lethal electric streetfighters designed to decimate the competition with nothing but a whisper. Consider this our first step towards reaching more people with our technology. More details will follow in the coming months ‘

With the design that goes by name TWO having 160 km/ h in 4.5 secs and TWO+ having 180 km/h in 3.6 secs

March 2020

Out of 900 startups, we saw Emflux motors winning the Startup Karnataka Elevate Call.

May 2020

In May Emflux said.

“We are presenting the Emflux Face Shield. It is probably not what you were expecting to see from an Electric Vehicle startup, but extraordinary times call for exceptional measures.

We have no choice but to use these circumstances to contribute to the ongoing fight against the pandemic and ensure our survival as a company. 

This Face Shield comes designed and manufactured with all of the core Emflux values intact – Great design, practicality, quality, reliability, and durability “.

June 2020

On Ketto we saw Emflux starting a fundraiser for Covid-19 face shields.

The funds were to help them in manufacturing, quality control, and distribution. 

August 2020

Again we see the design of One.

November 2020

We again saw Emflux team wishing ‘ Happy Diwali.’

After November 2020 we don’t see any activity plus when clicked on their URL ‘Emflux motor.’

You will get to see below page.

We only see there official Facebook page being active

However, we are still waiting for ‘One’ to produce and cater to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Pic Source: Emflux Motors Facebook


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