Beta, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for its enduro and off-road bikes, has updated its 2024 model range several times. The changes include aesthetic updates, suspension improvements, upgraded brakes, revised engine components, and enhanced technology.


The redesign encompasses both two-stroke and four-stroke machines. The suspension settings have been optimized to enhance handling and stability during off-road riding. 

The bikes now feature new fork sliders and upgraded radiators for improved temperature management. The 300 2T models have received new crankshaft bearings, while the 4T models boast a revised Traction Control system. These updates have been developed with Beta’s official racers, Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman.




In terms of styling, the 2024 Enduro models have undergone revisions to their bodywork. The bikes maintain their iconic red colour scheme but now feature graphics with white and silver elements. The bodywork retains its slim and aggressive design. Additionally, all models have a redesigned saddle that offers maximum ergonomic efficiency. The foam density has also been adjusted to provide better comfort during long trail rides.

Across the entire range the suspension settings have been revised across the range as a whole, and the fork sliders have been lightened. The front brake hose and its housing attachment have been updated to enhance braking feedback. 


The radiators have been upgraded to be more robust and lighter than the previous models. The RR 4T model has received new crankshaft main bearings, which improve wear resistance and engine efficiency. It also boasts an enhanced traction control system with dedicated engine maps.

Here are some additional details about the key updates:

  • Revised bodywork: The 2024 Enduro models have new bodywork with a more aggressive and modern design. The new graphics are also more stylish and eye-catching.
  • Redesigned saddle: The 2024 Enduro models have a new saddle to provide maximum comfort during long rides. The foam density has been adjusted to provide better support and cushioning.
  • Revised suspension settings: The suspension settings on the 2024 Enduro models have been revised to improve handling and stability on rough terrain. The fork and shock absorbers have been tuned to provide a more compliant ride and better feedback to the rider.
  • Lightened fork sliders: The 2024 Enduro models have been lightened to reduce unsprung weight. This improves handling and responsiveness.
  • Updated front brake hose and housing attachment: The front brake hose and housing attachment on the 2024 Enduro models have been updated to improve braking feedback. The new hose is stiffer and more kink-resistant, while the new housing attachment provides a more secure mounting point.
  • Upgraded radiators: The radiators on the 2024 Enduro models have been upgraded to be more robust and lighter than the previous models. The new radiators are also more efficient at cooling the engine.
  • New crankshaft main bearings on RR 4T models: The RR 4T models have new crankshaft main bearings that improve wear resistance and engine efficiency. The new bearings are also more contamination-resistant, which can enhance long-term durability.
  • The enhanced traction control system on RR 4T models: The RR 4T models have an enhanced traction control system that works with dedicated engine maps. The new system provides more precise control over the power delivered to the rear wheel, which can help improve traction and handling in slippery conditions.


The 2024 Beta Enduro models offer several significant improvements over the previous generation. These updates are designed to make Beta’s Enduro models more capable, comfortable, and user-friendly.

Beta plans to make its 2024 model range available in Europe starting in June 2023. Other markets around the world are expected to follow shortly after that. For more information on Beta’s 2024 models, visit their official website or contact your nearest Beta dealer.

Source: Moto-StationEnduro21Beta Motor

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