AKT Motos is a prominent motorcycle manufacturer in Colombia, known for producing affordable motorbikes that cater to the needs and budgets of Colombian residents. The brand has successfully captured a significant share of the Colombian motorcycle market and expanded its reach to neighbouring markets in South America as well.

Here are some of the key factors that have contributed to AKT Motos’ success:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide range of products
  • Strong online and social media presence
  • Commitment to safety educa

One of the key factors contributing to AKT Motos’ rapid growth is its focus on accessibility. The company sources its products from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, which allows them to keep prices affordable for their target market. AKT Motos customises these motorcycles by remodelling, reassembling, or rebadging them for the Colombian market.


In addition to their accessible pricing, AKT Motos has adopted a unique digital approach to connect with customers. They utilize various online and social media platforms, including WhatsApp, to engage with their audience effectively. This digital strategy has helped them reach a wider customer base and establish a strong brand presence.

AKT Motos also emphasizes the importance of rider safety and promotes defensive driving through rider training workshops and their road safety campaign called “Mi Familia Me Espera” (My Family Awaits Me). By advocating safe riding practices, AKT Motos aims to raise awareness about the importance of riding safely and returning home to one’s family.

The product lineup of AKT Motos is diverse, catering to riders of different backgrounds and preferences. They offer a range of motorcycles, from practical workhorse machines like the NKD 125 series to sporty naked bikes like the CR4 125.

Additionally, AKT Motos manufactures scooters such as the Dynamic and a sporty supermoto called the TTR 125. AKT Motos has gained prominence in the Colombian market with such a wide selection of models and competitive pricing.

Pros of AKT Motos:

  • Affordability: AKT Motos is known for producing affordable motorcycles catering to Colombian residents’ budget constraints. AKT Motos offers motorcycles at competitive prices by sourcing their products from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers and customizing them for the Colombian market.
  • Wide model selection: AKT Motos offers a diverse range of motorcycles, including workhorse machines, sporty naked bikes, scooters, and supermotos. This wide selection allows riders of different backgrounds and preferences to find a suitable option that meets their needs.
  • Accessibility and availability: AKT Motos has established an extensive network of spare parts distributors and service centres throughout Colombia. This ensures customers can easily access spare parts and maintenance services, enhancing the overall ownership experience.
  • Digital engagement: AKT Motos utilizes various online and social media platforms, including WhatsApp, to connect with customers effectively. This digital approach helps them reach a wider audience, engage with potential buyers, and build a strong brand presence.
  • Emphasis on rider safety: AKT Motos actively promotes safe and defensive riding through rider training workshops and their road safety campaign, “Mi Familia Me Espera.” AKT Motos improves road safety in Colombia by raising awareness about safe riding practices.

Cons of AKT Motos:

  • Reliance on Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers: While sourcing motorcycles from these manufacturers allows AKT Motos to offer affordable products, it may raise concerns about quality and reliability. Customers may question the long-term durability and performance of the motorcycles.
  • Limited brand recognition outside Colombia: AKT Motos’ prominence and brand recognition are primarily concentrated in Colombia and neighbouring South American markets. The brand may not be well-known outside these regions, limiting its market reach and potential customer base.
  • Lack of high-performance options: AKT Motos’ focus on affordable motorcycles may not offer high-performance models for enthusiasts seeking powerful, advanced bikes. The emphasis on small-displacement motorcycles may not cater to riders prioritising speed and performance.
  • Limited international presence: While AKT Motos has expanded to neighbouring markets in South America, its international presence is still relatively limited compared to well-established global motorcycle manufacturers. This may limit their competitiveness in the global motorcycle industry.
  • Potential perception of lower quality: Due to their affordability and sourcing strategy, some may perceive AKT Motos motorcycles as lower quality than established brands. Overcoming this perception and building trust among potential customers could be a challenge.


AKT Motos has emerged as a prominent motorcycle manufacturer in Colombia, offering affordable and accessible motorcycles to the Colombian market. By sourcing products from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers and customizing them for local preferences, AKT Motos has provided budget-friendly options to Colombian residents. Their wide model selection, encompassing various types of motorcycles, ensures that they cater to riders’ diverse needs and preferences.

AKT Motos has also embraced digital engagement strategies, leveraging online and social media platforms to connect with customers effectively. This approach has contributed to their brand recognition and enabled them to reach a wider audience. Additionally, their emphasis on rider safety through training workshops and road safety campaigns reflects their commitment to promoting responsible riding practices.

Affordability and accessibility

While AKT Motos’ affordability and accessibility are key strengths, there are potential drawbacks. Reliance on Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers may raise long-term quality and reliability concerns. The brand’s limited international presence and perceived lack of high-performance options could affect its competitiveness in the global motorcycle industry.

Overall, AKT Motos’ success in the Colombian market highlights the importance of understanding different regions’ specific needs and preferences. Their approach of providing affordable motorcycles tailored to the local market and their digital engagement strategies have enabled them to capture a significant market share and gain prominence in Colombia.

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