The TVS iQube’s sales data reflects an interesting trend in the Indian market, indicating a growing acceptance and preference for electric scooters.

Key Points


  • Exponential Growth: A jump from 4,418 units in August 2022 to 23,887 units in August 2023 is significant. This growth of over 5 times in sales in a year’s time indicates a rapid adoption rate. Such growth might be attributed to a combination of factors, including increased awareness about EVs, improved charging infrastructure, government incentives, and the overall benefits of owning an EV in India
  • New Launches: The recent launch of the “X performance EV” might have created a ripple effect, boosting interest and trust in the brand, and subsequently benefiting the iQube’s sales. New product launches often generate buzz and get potential buyers to showrooms, where they can see the entire range of products.

TVS iQube Smart Electric Scooter: Price, Reviews, Features & Range - TVS  Motors

  • Design & Performance: Indians have a deep-rooted preference for scooters, primarily due to their convenience and versatility. By designing the iQube to resemble traditional petrol scooters, TVS has bridged the gap between familiarity and novelty. Furthermore, the impressive riding range and performance ensure that the iQube doesn’t just look like a regular scooter but also performs like one, if not better.

More Points

  • Value for Money: Given the long-term savings associated with EVs in terms of fuel and maintenance, iQube’s pricing, combined with its features, makes it a compelling purchase for the value-conscious Indian consumer.

  • Festive Season: In India, the festive season often sees a spike in vehicle sales. The anticipation of healthy order books might be because of this upcoming festive period, where consumers are more inclined to make significant purchases. The introduction of new paint schemes can further boost sales by offering more customization options to buyers.

  • EV Trend: The global push towards sustainability and the Indian government’s push for electric vehicles might be influencing buyers to consider electric alternatives. Given the pollution issues in many Indian cities, EVs provide an environmentally friendly alternative.


The impressive sales of the TVS iQube are a testament to the changing dynamics of the Indian two-wheeler market. As more consumers lean towards sustainable and cost-effective transportation options, it’s likely that we’ll see a continued surge in the popularity of EVs in India. The success of the iQube might also prompt other manufacturers to ramp up their EV offerings, further enriching the choices available to the Indian consumer.



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