With the new engine and colour Honda unveils new Grom 125cc

 With the new engine and colour Honda unveils new Grom 125cc

Honda releases new Grom 125cc.

The Japanese motorcycle marquee is back with its latest issue, a brand new model of their 2014 bike, the Grom.

The small bike performs and resembles a street bike in terms of performance and design, it does look similar to Honda Navi in India, but it is much smaller. 


As we are aware, the MSX (Mini Street X treme)125 is the latest model unveiled by Honda in 2021. The model was updated and remodelled at the end of 2020.

The model now arrives with a new engine and a higher 10:1 compression ratio. 

And it helps increases power and adds to the bike’s overall performance. 

2022 Honda Grom SP Fork

The MSX now has an added gear making it a five-speed transmission from the previous four-speed.

The powerband now is tight, increasing this compact bike’s speed from 92km/h to 94km/h. 

MSX125 Grom

The power and torque of the MSX125 Grom version of 2021 are even stiffer, making it advantageous to the rider. 

We don’t see much change compared to the previous version. The Grom comes equipped with new body panels. 

2022 Honda Grom Matte Black Metallic RHP

Honda has made it easier for the owner to open the casing with a 6-bolt construction. 

Which helps remove parts while the rider can modify and customise their bike according to their specification.

The bike comes attached with a flatter, thicker seat making it easy and providing a new comfort level for tall riders. 

The bike also gets modern digital features with the latest speedometer, rich in information compared to the old gen. 

2022 Honda Grom Yellow

Honda Grom 2021 has now entered America, loaded with USD 31mm suspension, with an increased fuel capacity from 5.7L to 6 litres.

The latest Grom sells for $ 3,399, which is equivalent to 2,48,138.39 Indian Rupees. 

While the ABS version sells for $ 3,599, when converted, the Honda Grom 125 price in India is close to  2,62,739.06 Indian Rupees. 

If you’re a street bike enthusiast, this is the ultimate bike to own.  

 A new engine with a higher 10:1 compression ratio that increases power


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