Yadea is a Chinese electric two-wheeler specialist that has gained significant prominence in the global market. The company has established itself as a major player in the electric two-wheeler industry, focusing on developing bikes designed for urban commuting. With a claimed customer base of 60 million worldwide, Yadea has built a substantial presence over its more than 20 years of operation.

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One of Yadea’s notable achievements is its consistent position as the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer in volume for the past six years. This success highlights the company’s ability to meet the demands of a growing market and deliver high quantities of electric two-wheelers to consumers.

In 2022, Yadea achieved impressive sales figures, selling 14.01 million two-wheelers. This significant sales volume further solidifies Yadea’s position as a critical player in the industry and showcases its capacity to meet the needs of a large customer base.


Yadea’s upcoming venture into the naked sportbike segment with its first model, the Keeness, reflects its ambition to expand its product portfolio and enter new markets. By introducing a sporty and stylish electric motorcycle, Yadea aims to cater to a broader audience and strengthen its presence in Asia and Europe.

As a company with a long-standing presence in the electric two-wheeler industry and a proven track record of success, Yadea’s plans for global expansion and diversification signify its commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of consumers.


The Keeness, as described, is a sporty naked electric bike manufactured by Yadea. It is designed to provide enthusiasts with a sporty riding experience while being environmentally friendly with zero emissions. In terms of performance, it is comparable to a 150cc gasoline-powered motorcycle.

The Keeness has a mid-mounted electric motor that delivers power to the rear wheel through a chain drive. The motor has a nominal output of 5.5 kilowatts and can reach a maximum of 10 kilowatts, translating to approximately 13 horsepower. The top speed of the Keeness is rated at 62 miles per hour, providing a decent level of performance for a bike of its category.

Overall, the Keeness offers a combination of sportiness, accessibility, and eco-friendliness, making it an appealing option for riders looking for an electric motorcycle that can provide a thrilling riding experience.


The Yadea Keeness is an electric motorbike with impressive real-world performance due to the nature of electric motors producing peak power throughout the rev range. Despite its seemingly modest power figures, it can feel quicker than a 150cc motorbike. The bike is equipped with 72-volt, 32-ampere-hour lithium batteries, with a total capacity of 4,608 watt-hours. It is claimed that the batteries can deliver a range of up to 140 kilometres (88 miles) on a single charge.

In terms of its construction, the Keeness features 17-inch wheels at the front and rear, with relatively narrow tires measuring 100/80 at the front and 130/70 at the rear. The suspension consists of an inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable mono-shock at the back. Disc brakes handle braking on both the front and rear wheels.


Yadea plans to make the Keeness available in the market during the second half of 2023, with an initial launch in Asia scheduled for July 2023. The bike is also expected to be introduced to European markets, specifically in Spain, before the end of the year. Yadea has set a price target of 7,000 Euros, approximately $7,581, for the Keeness.

Source: The Pack and Yadea

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