Yamaha brings new YZF-R15S V3.0 at Rs 1,57,600

Yamaha brings new YZF-R15S V3.0 at Rs 1,57,600

Yamaha’s racing DNA now comes with the comfort of the Unibody Seat. 

The manifestation of legends like M1 and R1, the R15S arrives with the Unibody Seat that offers comfort and ease not just to the rider but the pillion too.

Racing Instinct – Passing on the “R series” DNA

155cc LC4V SOHC FI Engine

This liquid-cooled single overhead camshaft fuel injection engine churns out 18.6PS@10000rpm and 14.1Nm@8500rpm. It also features an advanced die-cast aluminium (DiASil) cylinder with outstanding cooling performance.

Yamaha R15S

Variable Valves Actuation (VVA)

It is the first-ever high-performance VVA system that provides torque for ease of use even at low RPM. There are two intake valve cams: low- to mid-range rpm and high rpm. They switch between each other at the 7,400 rpm mark to ensure good power and torque throughout the entire rev range.

Yamaha R15S

6 Speed Transmission

Now shift gears without worrying about the economy. The new R15S with 6-speed transmission allows to cruise at low RPM even in higher gears, thus saving fuel without missing on the thrill.

Yamaha R15S

Assist & Slipper Clutch

An A&S (assist and slipper) clutch is adopted to reduce the weight of the clutch pull and provide low-stress shifting during deceleration. The A&S helps to reduce fatigue for the rider. It also prevents excessive engine braking, thus reducing its effects on chassis behaviour. The A&S clutch makes for smooth, enjoyable downshifts.

Yamaha R15S

Design Lineage

Sharper fierce eyes. Muscular tank. Aerodynamic front. Edgy tail. The New R15S lives up to its legacy of challenging spirits boldly. Take a ride and discover R-DNA.

Yamaha R15S


Contrary to the earlier dual level seating, the Yamaha created Unibody Seat with a singular, flowing seat design that offers comfort to the rider and the pillion. The broader, angular seat is smoother and provides a better riding experience true to Yamaha’s racing legacy.


The new R15S adopts a Deltabox frame with superb rigidity balance. With a Deltabox frame, the top and bottom of the head pipe and the pivot points form a triangle. Hence the “Deltabox” gives it excellent rigidity balance.

Yamaha R15S


  • Swingarm with an excellent rigidity balance
  • Allows Sportier & Stable handling of the bike
  • Improve rigidity (twist) -> better stability

LCD Console

It opens with a personalized string of animated text. Keeps you informed of all the essentials: gear shift and gear position indicator, VVA indicator, in addition to speed, tachometer and trip meter.

Yamaha R15S

Dual Horn

Racing means thrill, the thrill of riding on new tracks, the joy of experiencing new turns and many more surprises that the topsy-turvy tracks offer. And today, even the city trails are bustling. 

A good horn can make the difference between being seen and noticed. 

Let the city hear you ride your way into the future. R15S has got that covered too. With new split horns delivering higher and lower decibels (Dual Tone), here’s a racer that genuinely sounds like one.

Dual-Channel ABS

Enjoy excellent performance now with superior control. R15S comes with 282mm front and 220mm rear disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which means precise braking even when the bike is speeding up, without any wheel lock-ups. 

It ensures a confident, inspiring ride and let the rider enjoy the ride to the fullest.

Yamaha R15S

140mm Super Wide Radial Rear Tyre

140/70R17M/C 66H radial tyre has been adopted at the rear with flexible sidewalls for better grip while cornering and superior shock-absorbing capacity to ensure a more comfortable ride.

Yamaha R15S

In-Built Side Stand Engine cut-off Switch

The days that you ride off without your side stand retracted are behind you. With the In-built side stand engine cut-off switch, you can rest assured that you do not forget to remove the side stand during those immediate rides.

Yamaha R15S

Advantages over the R15V4 and R15M

  • It costs less R15 V4 costs Rs 1.70 lakh while the new comes around R15 S V3 at Rs 1.57 lakh, ex-showroom, which is Rs 14,000 less.The new R15S V3 gets only Racing Blue shade.However it uses the same platform as R15V3 which is now discontinued.

via Yamaha India


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