In March, we did say that in 2022, Yamaha plans to bring a new R7 model.

Since most bike lovers highly anticipate Yamaha’s 1999 YZF- R7, the bike returns under the name of a more suitable MT- 07 based superbike line-up.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) reported the exhaust gas and consumption classification for the 2022 model.


The model name is prominent as it was considered a part of a 750 homologation model. And it was for the Superbike World Championship in the late 1990s – better known to many as OW 02.

According to the CARB emission results, the new YZF-R7 is similar to the latest MT-07 2021 as it will carry the same MT-07 689cc CP2 motor.

While the new YZF-R7 will replace the outgoing R6, and at the same time, Yamaha has released the teaser video of the R series.

And we understand the teaser shows the new R7. Further, the bike will arrive in two variants. 

The teaser shows both the track and on-road. So expect it not to be only a race track model, and you can take it on your daily commutes.

While the details are limited, the motor will arrive from the MT-07, 689cc, parallel-twin rather than an inline-four on the outgoing YZF-R6.  

The outgoing R6 delivered close to 117hp while the current MT-07, whose motor will arrive for the upcoming R7, makes 73.4 hp.

If we do the simple calculation, there is a significant difference of 43 hp. 

We are sure Yamaha may not bring down all 43 hp. Instead, they will work on the engine to give sensible power to the new R7.

And if they don’t, the upcoming R7 may not even stand close to Aprilia RS 660, which makes 100 hp.

The bike will arrive in 2022.

Cover Image by Kar Design 


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