If you are looking to acquire a piece of some classic stuff, then Bing a Trailer. It is an online auctioning platform based in the United States, has a selection of fantastic news for motorcycle enthusiasts based in the United States.

We understand Bing a Trailer is quite a famous platform in the United States and is responsible for providing some authentic bargains.

Coming to the main point, we here are talking about the 1974 Kawasaki S3 Mach II. The bike is in top condition, having clocked 13,000 miles on the odo.


If you want to possess, the current bid on this excellent bike is $3,600, and there are still four more days from today.

1973 MY S3 arrives in a maroon and black shade, with black getting prominence. The two-stroke 400cc motor comes coupled with a five-speed transmission and makes 42hp @7000 rpms.


What more? The motor comes paired with the three-into-three exhaust system, and when it comes to hardware, the bike gets a front chrome fender. 

The tail section comes integrated and has the front disc brake, while the rear gets the drum setup plus a double seat and supported by 18-inch wheels.

The entire package has a top speed of 156 kph (97mph). The package carries 155kgs (339 lbs) as dry weight.

In 2009 the seller acquired this 1973 MY S3. The seller has also rebuilt the carburettor and oil change before listing it on the Bing a Trailer. At the same time, the hometown of the seller is Indianapolis.

More photos of this beauty are in the gallery below.


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