Yamaha is all set to unveil its 2021 motocross ‘ YZF 250F’

 Yamaha is all set to unveil its 2021 motocross ‘ YZF 250F’

Yamaha is all set to unveil eight different 2021 motocross models under the ‘ YZ series ‘on 9th October.

Improved Engine

‘YZF 250F’ gets the improved engine, and it is because Yamaha has made multiple changes in the intake port, and as a result, there is an improvement in the intake air-fuel amount. 

The other change we could see in the cam profile Yamaha has reduced the overlapping of the working angle. As a result, you can see an improved output.

To improve resistance and reliability, the cam chain in the barrel is polished.

Now what it does is optimizes the tensioner and improves the characteristics of the coil spring. Again it helps for a smooth and fast rotation.

To improve the suction efficiency of the duct in the cap case is opened.


In addition to the cap case, Yamaha has removed the internal funnel it reduces the length of the intake pipe it contributes to improved power in the high rpm range.

What more the new exhaust helps to balance the sound, power and the sound deadening effects at high rpm.

Further, we could see the Yamaha as expanded the damping characteristics again; it utilizes the sound at the low frequency, which helps to suppress the noise at the high rate. 

Result in the engine runs smoothly at the high rpm.


Talking about the thin frame reduces the tank rail and thickness of the down tube resulting in weight reduction and on the other hand, it improves the robustness of the entire package.

Furthermore, repeated are the setting adjustments of brackets that mount the engine to achieve smooth vehicle behaviour when passing bumps.

Enlarged is the diameter of the piston of its front brake. Plus Yamaha also introduced the calliper shape to increase the pad contact surface. Resulting in improved braking force and controllability

Rear callipers get the updated callipers and rotors to reduce heat distortion by optimizing weight balance and heat capacity balance and exhibit stable braking force.


Yamaha engineers had also increased the thickness of the clutch, and the new clutch comes with 17% strength improvement. 

Yamaha has shot-peened the 3rd and 4th gears to increase the surface strength, improving the reliability of engine performance.

The new models under the YZ series get new paint schemes and graphics.

Besides, the YZ250F has the “Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition” set as a limited-time order colour to reproduce the colouring image of the factory machine.

The YZ250F comes with a price tag of 913,000 yen, and the Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition comes at 924,000 yen. 

YZ450F is 1078,000 yen, YZ250 is 737,000 yen, YZ125 is 627,000 yen, YZ85LW is 517,000 yen, YZ85 is 506,000 yen, YZ65 is 495,000 yen. 

Yamaha will launch the YZ450F/250F on the 30th October and others on 9th October.

Source: Yamaha 

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