Yamaha unveils the new Tracer 9 GT

 Yamaha unveils the new Tracer 9 GT

The Tracer 9 GT comes with the same engine liquid-cooled;4-stroke;4-valves;3-Cylinder; DOHC same as Tracer 9.

In the new model, the displacement goes up by good 42cc from 847cc to 889cc. 

889cc setup

It’s logical to say here as Yamaha as revised the engine and it now aligns with the Euro5 norm. The motor comes with brand new crankcase, camshafts or pistons.

The 889cc motor now makes 119hp at 10,000rpm, which is 4hp more to the earlier model.

Crucial components of Tracer 9 GT

  • KYB semi-active suspension
  • Hard side cases
  • Up and down Quick Shift System
  • LED cornering lights
  • Dedicated colours and graphics
  • EU5 890cc CP3 engine
  • Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame
  • 6-Axis IMU plus lean-sensitive rider aids
  • Next-generation design and styling
  • Full LED lighting
  • Twin 3.5” TFT meter

What’s new in the Tracer 9 GT compared to Tracer 9?

However, there are few changes when it comes to Tracer 9 GT. The new Tracer 9 GT comes with cornering mechanism, adaptive lights which come with a mechanism to illuminate via IMU when the bike gets titled more than 6 degrees.

Further, the Tracer 9 GT comes with side panniers, and these cases/panniers can have enough space to carry a helmet.

Massive hard cases

The more important component which Yamaha has developed on collaboration with Kayaba semi-active electronic suspension system. 

Kayaba’s intelligent suspension

The new suspension unit coordinates and is made possible by various other functions like the ECU, IMU, Hydraulic Unit (HU) and Suspension control unit (SCU).

The ECU coordinates with IMU to adapt the damp settings. Further, the GT also has up and down Quickshifter and heated grips.

Grip heater

The Tracker 900 GT gets three paint schemes compared to Tracer 9 comes in two paint schemes, and these three paint schemes are.

  • Tech Kamo 

  • Redline and
  • Icon performance

The new Tracer 9 GT retails at 13,849 Euros which is 2,400 Euros compared to the standard new Tracer 9.




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