Yamaha unveils the new Tracer 9

 Yamaha unveils the new Tracer 9

Yamaha has unveiled the wraps from its new Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT all the Tracer series is now updated.

Yamaha a few days ago has also unveiled much of the models in there Hypernaked series like the MT-07, MT-09 and MT-09 SP and then made headlines about building Turbos as well.

And then again the Tracer 900 GT made the news as it was seen lurking. Now we see the 7 and 9 Tracer series getting updates.

Well, let’s check what’s new here. The new Tracer 900 now has more powerful 889cc engine. Yamaha has also slightly made the name change from Tracer 900 to Tracer 9.

A slight change in the name


In the new model, the displacement goes up by good 42cc from 847cc to 889cc. 

It’s logical to say here as Yamaha as revised the engine and it now aligns with the Euro5 norm. The motor comes with brand new crankcase, camshafts or pistons.

Euro5 CP3 889cc setup

The 889cc motor now makes 119hp at 10,000rpm, which is 4hp more compared to the earlier model.

An increase in the Torque by 5.5Nm with the previous model making 87.5Nm at 8,400 rpm and now current makes 93Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Thanks to the Yamaha engineers the new exhaust and the motor is now lighter by 700 grams.

Transmission to receives the update as first and 2second gears now come with little raised gear ratios. 

Further, the new fuel mechanism saves fuel by almost 9% with the new model’s rear valve now gets the fuel directly compared to the previous model that had cylinder heads attached to fuel injectors.

Exhaust pipe now gets different curvatures. The exhaust mechanism and the rider by wire too are new. The exhaust also sheds weight by 1.4kg compared to earlier exhaust. For more aggression, there are now four engine maps available compared to the three in the previous model.  

Yamaha has brought the new intake system, which has three different passages with each passage having different dimensions.

Electronic Package

Well, there are certain upgrades when it comes to Electronics. The R1 inspired six-axis IMU, which sheds weight by 40% and the size is almost half.

6 axis IMU

The new Tracer 9 gets three modes with Mode 1, and Mode 2 comes with LIF, TCS and SCS option on 1st level and 2nd level respectively.

The rider can manually operate the third mode with a choice of LIF, TCS and SCS option.

Unlike previous GT the new Tracer 9 now has cruise control, and above 50km/ hour the rider has a choice to deactivate it.

Below is the standard electronic package.

  • The traction control ( one customizable and two presets 
  • The control system ( three-level control system which can be deactivated)
  • Brake control system ( coordinates with ABS and manages the pressure on the brakes)
  • Slide control (contains the power when the rear wheel is on the verge to slip)

The entire Tracer 9 getting LED lights. With two separate curvy headlights and the newly designed rear lights which now displays the three-dimensional effect whenever the pressure is applied on the brakes.

Curvy headlights

The 3.5 inch TFT provides vital information. The TFT dash comes divided into two main sides the right side displays crucial data like the temperature, trips, km. Further again, the right section comes split into four divisions which show data like the temperature, trips and odometer.

3.5-inch dash with two sections for better visibility

While the left shows the TCS modes wherein the rider has the choice to select options available in the electronic package.

Chassis and Design

The most important the Tracer 9 gets the new swingarm which is 64mm extended, and the wheelbase coming with 1,500mm.

More modern lines

Yamaha engineers have designed a new Delta box which gets thinner wall via its CF technology. The new motor comes position at 52.3 degrees compared to 47.5 degrees when compared to the earlier model.

Die-cast lightweight aluminium frame

Further, there are new wheels, and they are lighter by 700grams. The front tyre is 120/70Z R17 M/C (58W) (Tubeless) while the rear is 180/55Z R17 M/C (73W) (Tubeless) both with Bridgestone Battlax.

Lightweight wheels

Adjustable windshield with 19liter tank and weighs 213kg.

The choice of two positions to adjust for the seat and the seat height is 15mm lower when compared to the earlier model. For comfortable rides, Yamaha provides the adjustable handlebars and footpegs.

With 3 bag luggage capability

Adjustable suspension 


The Tracer 9 comes in two paint schemes Tech Kamo Gray, and Redline Red.

Redline Red

Tech Kamo Gray

In Europe, the new Tracer 9 is available from March 2021 with the price 11,449 Euros.



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