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The Kalk generation bike is the second among various models to come. The concentration here has been rough terrain execution and innovation.As there wasn’t anything off-the rack to help the class, each and every segment must be created from an unfilled sheet, to help the planned level of value and durability:

The estimating, the geometry and designing of axles, center points, edges, the cockpit and suspension, and additionally constructing and altering the distinctive parts of the drive train, together with building up a radical new case; having prompted various patent pending, establishes the presentation of another classification, the Light Electric Off Road Motorbikes.

It would be ideal if you take note of that Kalk is produced for rough terrain utilize as it were.


The CAKE Kalk bicycle, worked for light go 4×4 romping execution, utilizes a modern standard IPM engine, tweaked for CAKE and made in Europe.

It’s a 15 kW mid engine, fueled by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery for torque and range, led by particularly created and tuned programming, for the controller and dynamic performance.

With the goal of straightforwardness, advancing effortlessness regarding riding and also support, it’s a light bicycle tipping the scales at sub 70 kilos, utilizing a solitary turn coordinate drive, lessening the quantity of substantial and moving parts.

The suspension is particularly created, by Öhlins supporting the classification of hello there execution at least weight.

Top Specs

  • Weight: dry 53kg + battery 16kg
  • Top speed: +75km/h / +46mph
  • Nm: 42 on motor shaft
  • Range: up to 80km, 2-3 hrs free riding
  • kW: 15 kW equal to 20 hp
  • Lithium Ion battery: at 2.6 kW/h
  • The controller: services 3 riding modes & adjustable motor braking.

Nothing has been left aside and each part including axles, centers, cockpit, sprockets and even the tires (to limit wear and impression of trails being utilized), have been unequivocally planned and built for a definitive ordeal.

The light and smart ride, with it’s emphasis on now and again trail riding, in the outback, implies that its fundamental character is about torque and speeding up, while giving a peaceful coasting and surf experience.

Thanks to it’s computerized pre-setting, serving for 3 diverse riding modes, it will give anybody a chance to fly at their own level.

Available on Pre order fee 1000 €/$ + Final payment 12 000 €/$ = Total price 13 000 €/$* and you could buy from their website Ride Cake and will be available from January 2019. Free shipping worldwide!

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