Suzuki unveils the GSX-S125 there is color change plus additionally we do see minor changes as well.

Here is the official page . On sale February 27


GSX-S125 color lineup

2019 model GSX-S125 color lineup

[Discontinued] Solid Black (Semi-gloss) [Continuous] Triton Blue Metallic By the way, the 2019 model had the same color name as the 2018 model. Some colors and decals are different.

2020 model GSX-S125 color lineup

[New color] Triton blue metallic [New color] Titan black

Indonesian Paint Scheme

Matt Fibroin Gray / Rouge Red

Stronger Red / Titan Black

Matt Black / Daytona Yellow

There is no Triton Blue Metallic in Indonesia.

2020 model GSX-S125 price

  • 2019: 328,000 yen excluding tax
  • 2020: 328,000 yen excluding tax

No change. The release date is February 27. Next week.

Summary of changes in GSX-S125 for 2020 model

Specifications, prices, etc.

  • There are no changes in specifications or equipment 
  • Price is unchanged

Comparison of 2020 Blue and 2019 Blue

  • Under cowl: blue → black
  • Decal: Change

The under cowl was black in 2018.

Comparison of 2020 Black and 2019 Black

Has a different body color, and 2019 has almost no decals. Personally, it feels cool in the GSX-S125’s color series. It’s nice that it’s not matte.

Release of GSX-R125 for 2020 model

GSX-R125 ABS カラーチェンジして登場。 …

Here is the official page .

GSX-R125 color lineup

2019 model GSX-R125 color lineup

[Continuous] Triton Blue Metallic [Continuous] Brilliant White [Continuous] Titan Black

2020 model GSX-R125 color lineup

[New color] Triton blue metallic [New color] Brilliant white [New color] Titan black 2019 was also cool, but 2020 is more amazing.

There is also yellow in Indonesia

By the way, this is Indonesian color. Daytona yellow.

In Japan, yellow is almost out, but this is super good. I like it.

GSX-R125 price for 2020 model

  • 2019: 358,000 yen excluding tax
  • 2020: 358,000 yen excluding tax

The price is unchanged.

Summary of changes in GSX-R125 for 2020 model

Specifications and prices

  • There are no changes in specifications or equipment 
  • Price is unchanged

Blue comparison between 2020 and 2019

  • Under cowl: blue → black
  • Caliper: Black → Gold
  • Decal: Change

2020 and 2019 white comparison

  • Under cowl: white → black
  • Decal: Change
  • Caliper: Black → Gold

2020 and 2019 black comparison

  • Wheel: Black → Red
  • Decal: Change
  • Caliper: Black → Gold

We think the color and design of this decal is very good. It looks like this is the first color in the history.

We like black, silver (gray) and red. 

Hmm? Did you say a color change right now?

Suzuki’s release only mentions a color change, but …

The meter is inverted LCD

Prior to 2019, a normal LCD meter here 2020 model. The meter is inverted LCD.

It’s a hazard

GSX-R125 switches before 2019. Hazard covers. Switches for the 2020 model. Hazard is added . 

Top bridge color change

Before 2019, the top bridge was black like this … but as far as the image on the official page of the Japanese 2020 model has changed, the color has changed.

By the way, the top bridge of Indonesia’s current GSX-R150. Matt titanium color. Probably the Japanese 2020 model will also be matt titanium color.

Summary of changes of GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 of 2020 model again

  • Meter turned to inverted LCD
  • Hazard switch added
  • GSX-R125: The color of the top bridge is now matt titanium
  • But the price is unchanged

Basically the same changes as the current GSX-R150 in Indonesia. 

Since the meter is an inverted LCD and a hazard switch is added, we think it was good to write a minor change for the time being.

Suzuki is humble.

Basically, it seems like it will continue from the 2019 color, but 2020 has many good colors.

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