The cover picture that you see is the rendering from our friends in Japan, and they go by the name Young Machine. 

The bike in the cover picture is something we see are deliberately leaked images from the Harleys house.

The plan to bring the sports bike by Harley is not new, and we could see the old VR1000 being resurrected.  


What do we see more?

In the picture are the sketches of the sports bike in the background that is deliberately being displayed.

Plus, we also see a clay model of that is in progress that, of course, is in the foreground when you minutely observe the picture.

There are few patents filed by Harley, and they look similar to the one present in Harley’s design studio.

However, now we see the puzzle pieces coming together, and we believe Harley had definite plans to bring the sports bike in the prodcution.

The folks from Young Machine had made an additional effort in terms of making this fantastic rendering.

To give us a glimpse of how the resurrected sportbikes from Harley would look like.

There is no official press release from Harley about this sports bike yet. But we could see Young Machine has used the base of this image as Bareknuckle. 

Plus, components like swingarm, frame, and engine that look similar.

Apart from everything, we also see the poster board is shared with the other renderings.

Oh well, now this is a very large hint that we see. Now when do we see the VR1000 in production is something we need to look and wait.

Source : Young Machine

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