Dave Ordnajela is a Multidisciplinary Designer & Illustrator from Mexico and works as an Art Director in Hatch.

To date, Dave has various illustrations on his Behance profile designed by himself with almost 100,000 views.

While Dave’s illustrations revolve around cars but we also see a few on motorcycles.


The modern idea of Dave is to see how the motorcycle models, when combined with an Asian background, will look.

Its called “Characters Race ll”

And let’s see what Dave has to, has to see about his illustrations.

“My passion is to draw cars, and it was precisely that passion that originated this project. I took models of motorcycles to recreate them, giving them an Asian touch.”

The models used for these illustrations are Ducati V4S-1299, Suzuki R150, Honda F250, KTMC200.

When the Asian touch is applied, all the models look like they are of wood.

You will also be able to see various weapons like swords and flags used in these illustrations.

That gives a different perspective to look at these motorcycle illustrations as they look like a weapon of wars.

And these weapons are ready to take on anything that comes in there way. 

What is most important is Dave using the oriental theme on these motorcycles.


Our take on these illustrations is that these illustrations are different from the standard drawings, and a mix of Asian gives it a different direction.

The idea is different, and we do like it if anyone needs to create a different set of things altogether.

Something like one can put Dave’s designs on their motorcycles.

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