Yamaha plans to bring the Tenere 700 Rally

After Yamaha unveiling the 2020 Tenere 700 now, we may see a Tenere 700 Rally already has approval in Europe.

Tener 700 Rally model approved in Europe

  • Tenere700 Rally is type-approved in Europe.
  • The model is XTZ690D-B, a different model from Tenere700.
  • Horsepower and noise levels are the same as the normal Tenere700.
  • Same vehicle weight, overall length, overall height, and wheelbase
  • So the length of Rally’s suspension is the same as the normal Tenere 700.
  • Probably a Monster Energy WR450F Rally replica color model.

Not a Tenere700 Rally Pack

Quote from: Ténéré 700-Motorcycles-Yamaha Motor

Here is a rally pack with genuine accessories.

It comes with these genuine accessories.

And this time, it ’s not like this is the 700 700 Rally.

Because it is different from the model, the treatment is different for this model, and since the exhaust noise seems to be the same as an original silencer.

Larry Pak has Akrapovic’s slip-on, so if it’s Rally Pak, the exhaust noise will change.

Monster Energy WR450F Rally

Source: Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team Ready For 2020 Dakar Rally Here is Monster Energy WR450F Rally. Monster casually.

Is it a limited color model of this kore replica for bike social? That’s right.

There are many European models with limited colors and accessories that come with different paint schemes. Different colors depending on the country, like a model, limited to the region.

Isn’t there a possibility of a suspension or an advanced version?

Yamaha has a regular model, SP, GT model, etc.

  • Tracer900 / GT: KYB grade guy
  • MT-10 / SP: Orleans
  • MT-09 / SP: KYB grade guy / Orleans
  • NIKEN / GT: Mainly adding genuine accessories

Roughly like this. There are others

By the way, the above model groups have different vehicle weights, but the overall length and overall height and the specifications of that area are not mainly changed. (Although NIKEN is quite different.) 

By the way, the Tenere700 is an adjustable mechanism that does not know the front of the adaptable. I don’t know what can be adjusted. The rear can change the preload and extension side. 

So the stroke of the suspension is the same, so there is a possibility that it will be an adjustment mechanism or an added high-grade suspension (for example, made by Orleans)?

We are talking about vehicle weight as it is, so we think that the limited color theory is stronger. 

Yamaha tends to add higher grades without having to wait for quite a while, but is the same pattern for the Tenere700? Or is it the limited color? This type of approval at this time is probably for the 2020 model or 2021. 

Although it is Tenere 700, the model coming in Japan seems may well be an imported model produced in France instead of Japan. It’s an exceptional treatment.

It may arrive as an imported model. We are not sure about the way Yamaha wants to bring this model in countries like Japan, the USA, or India.

But we may see it getting announced at EICMA2020.

Source: Bennetts

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