2020 Yamaha MT-09 Specs, Price and more

2020 Yamaha MT-09 Specs, Price and more

Yamaha Motor Co,Ltd. has developed the MT-09 ABS, a sports bike equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder, 4-valve, 845cm3 engine developed based on the” Cross Plane Concept “. It arrives as a 2020 model from February 25. 

MT-09 color lineup

2019 model MT-09 color lineup

[Continuation] Matt Light Gray Metallic 4 [Continuous] Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C [Continuation] Matt Dark Gray Metallic 6 [Continuation] Black Metallic X

2020 model MT-09 color lineup

  • [Continue] Matte light gray metallic 
  • [New paint scheme] Deep Purplish Blue Metallic 
  • [Continued for two years] mat dark gray metallic 
  • [Available since last two years] Black Metallic X 

MT-09 price for 2020 model in Japan

  • 2018: 1,400,400 yen (1,112,400 yen)
  • 2019: 1,400,400 yen (1,12,400 yen)
  • 2020: 1023,000 yen (1133,000 yen)

It is as above if it is a tax-included price, but if it is a tax-exclusive price, the price has been unchanged from 2018.

Summary of changes in the 2020 model MT-09

Price and specifications

  • No adjustments to equipment or specs
  • Price is unchanged

Comparison of Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C for 2020 and 2019

  • Tank decal: change
  • Tail cowl: black → matt gray
  • Front hood: blue → matt gray
  • Front fender: black → matt gray
  • Tank shroud decal: white → matt gray

The same is the color of the wheel and the tank.

The color is continuous for two consecutive years, and three of the four colors are unlimited colors.

At present, there are no rumors or information, but it looks like there will be minor changes around the 2021 model.

Is it about EURO5 conformance and a little improvement? We don’t think it’s going to change much.

Source :  Yamaha Motor

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