2021 Honda PCX 160 event

 2021 Honda PCX 160 event

Honda Motorcycle Thailand presented the official test prototype of upcoming Honda PCX 160 to the media in Thailand.

Last year in December 2020 we saw Japan getting the new PCX, PCX 160 and the PCX e HEV/ Hybrid.

Not long ago, Honda Motorcycles Thailand invited the Thai media to test the new PCX 160 prototype.

PCX 160 specs

The PCX160 is based on the PCX and expands the engine displacement to 156cc to achieve more robust and comfortable driving performance.

A light motorcycle scooter provides plenty of room and fulfilment in a wide range of driving situations, from operating in the city to commuting via the highway and touring to the suburbs.

Disguised under the camouflage, the event name “Under Wraps “allowed the media representatives to look at the new PCX 160 prototype.

In terms of design, the PCX 160 prototype looked the same as the one unveiled in Japan.

Well to let you know both the PCX 125 and PCX 160 does look very similar and as far as the event goes, it was the upcoming PCX 160 provided to the Thai media.

The upcoming PCX 160 comes with 156cc single-cylinder with four-stroke water cooling technology.

Further, the motor comes integrated with what Honda. calls as ‘ eSP+ ‘ technology. The eSP+ is responsible for adding more mileage and smoothness to the engine.

The PCX 160 comes with LED lights, the new dash and the traction control. Combine with ABS it also comes with the drum brakes on the rear and front.

Honda engineers did manage to increase the 2-litre storage space from 28l to 30l. The PCX 160 will also get the USB socket.

We are unsure if Honda India plans to bring PCX 160 in India. India already has two best selling scooters, Activa and Dio, and they have the same 190.51cc displacements with more or less the same power and torque.


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