Wheels and Wave

The first instance of the cancellation appears to have happened on Wheels and Waves’  official Facebook page. This original announcement posted a week ago due to COVID. 


Initially writing about this, we’ve been in contact with organizers at Wheels and Waves who confirmed. That all festival activities would be cancelled but that. “The crew and Indian Motorcycle are working together to see what can be done to bring the event back for the year 2022″.

Fans of Wheels and Waves will be disappointed to know that the festival won’t be happening this year.


 It’s still, in many ways, a disaster for those on the eastern coast of France who anticipated the annual multi-genre event with great excitement.

The community that goes by the name of Wheels and Waves is the same family you always meet every year at the festival. 

As soon as you arrive, a special bond unites all of us immediately, making a friendship that will last forever. That’s true!

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