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Honda will realise carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities Honda is involved in by 2050. 

Honda’s electric plan up to 2050

Striving for “zero environmental impact” of not only for Honda’s products but the entire product lifecycle. Including corporate activities, Honda will focus on the following areas as the “three-pillars” of our initiatives:

  • Carbon neutrality
  • Clean energy
  • Resource circulation

Honda will strive to lead the motorcycle industry at the forefront of its environmental initiatives. With an approach that will include electrification.

And the improvement of the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines, utilisation of biofuels, and other strategies.


  • The key to the successful electrification of motorcycle products is to consider the battery, which is still expensive, separately from the motorcycle. In developed countries, where electrification is in strong demand by society.

  • Honda will pursue electrification utilising Mobile Power Pack. Targeting Honda’s B-to-B (business-to-business) and B-to-G (business-to-national/local governments) customers.

  • For personal-use customers, Honda must enhance our product lineup. And make many battery-swapping stations available.

  • And ensure convenience to users by making them compatible with EVs of other makers. To this end, Honda has established a consortium with other motorcycle OEMs in Japan and Europe.

  • To develop technology standards for swappable batteries. Honda has the vision to expand Mobile Power Pack applications beyond motorcycles to power products and micro-mobility products. 

  • With this vision, Honda has begun demonstration testing in India using “rickshaw” type tricycle taxis.

  • To accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, in addition to introducing GYRO e. And GYRO CANOPY. In the area of business-use bikes. Scheduled for this year.

  • Honda will introduce three new EV models in the area of personal use. In classes with engine sizes of below 50cc and below 125cc., by 2024. Honda will introduce new products in the “FUN” area as well.

Source: Honda


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