Suzuki Japan plans to sell Bergman 200 ABS from March 16th

 Suzuki Japan plans to sell Bergman 200 ABS from March 16th

Suzuki, we believe, has already started the production of the ‘ Bergman 200 ‘ ABS edition. And in Japan, Suzuki plans to sell the ABS edition from March 16th 2021.

Top features

The lightweight and compact 200cc water-cooled 4-cycle SOHC 4-valve single-cylinder engine smoothly delivers power from low speed to high speed. 

The fuel injection system provides excellent fuel economy. And offers adequate performance even when riding in tandem under various urban traffic conditions, including highways.

Adopted a design that narrows down the area around the left. And right feet so that the rider can quickly put his feet on the ground. With a seat height of 735 mm, it provides a comfortable footing. 

The seat shape, designed to widen from the slim front to the rear gradually, provides both a comfortable ride and high footing. It gives a gentle lift for both riders and passengers in tandem.

Front and rear brakes that use hydraulic disc brakes. It faithfully responds to the rider’s delicate braking work with high braking force. And controllability and realizes a firm running. 

The spring preload adjustment type two rear suspension supports various loading situations by adjusting the spring.

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) * demonstrates high reliability and control capability by adopting a compact and lightweight ABS control unit.

ABS is not a system for shortening the braking distance. Besides. It is not possible to control the skidding of the wheels due to braking during cornering. Please drive safely without overconfidence in ABS.

Under-seat trunk space with enough capacity to store two helmets. It is equipped with lighting that lights up when the seat is opened to be used at night. It turns off automatically when the seat is closed.

  • Capacity 41L, maximum load capacity 3kg

The Bergman 200 ABS will be available in three colours black, matte blue and white and the price in Japan starts from 571,340 yen.

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