Despite being one of the oldest entrants in the mid-size scooter market, Yamaha has never been afraid of pitching its TMAX against more modern opposition. 

This latest model doesn’t deviate from that tradition: it’s only been two years since they revised the old model, and now we get a whole new machine.

 However, that doesn’t mean the 8th generation TMAX is starting from scratch. The powerplant was earlier Euro 5.


The new TMAX is a good, big and expensive motorcycle with excellent on-pavement performance, stable handling and outstanding braking. You get into it, feel comfortable and controllable, pushing harder and faster on winding roads to use the engine’s torque for acceleration.

 Anyone who rides a high-horsepower scooter will appreciate how Yamaha turned the weight into momentum. The TMAX reminds you that the higher the power of a scooter is, the broader the spectrum – in terms of appeal – it helps to occupy.


The engine, for instance, is essentially unchanged from the previous version – it’s a water-cooled 560 cc parallel-twin with four valves per cylinder and fuel injection, matched to a six-speed gearbox. 

The 560cc powerplant makes 48 hp at 7500 rpm and a decent torque of almost 56 Nm at 5250 rpm. The modern TMax comes with 15-litre tanks, and it will practically take you 300 km with this tank.

We would love to suggest the new TMAX is a near-perfect sports tourer. I’d be lying if I did propose an assertion like that. There are bumps and warts, but overall, the TMAX is a great motorcycle that Yamaha has improved in many ways.



At first glance, it’s not apparent how Yamaha managed to improve what was already a competent machine, but there’s no shortage of clever thinking on display in the new TMAX.

The technical changes are discreet but should be noticeable to the rider. The spring elements are now tuning-free. 

The telescopic fork is available with an adjustment and can adjust the shock absorber in the spring base. But these new technical components can not be detected by sight.

Yamaha appears to pursue two objectives: one is to give a clear statement that they are aiming at sports motorcycle riders light but powerful, two is to offer an electronic efficacy to logic levels different than those that some competitors practice.

We see the more extended seat and running boards in terms of ergonomics. 

Lumbar support can be moved by 30 mm. There’s a new handlebar a new cockpit with 7 inch TFT display. It also has a joystick on the left-hand side of the handlebar. Also, Yamaha has provided smartphone connectivity via USB, WLAN and Bluetooth.



The new Yamaha TMAX 560 Tech MAX now is 800 mm. However, it doesnt get any compact. The leg space is perfect and gets support from the adjustable lumbar.

Sport mode opens the throttle faster and keeps the engine in the powerband longer. So you will also accelerate much more surprisingly. The new TMAX in Touring mode has a more athletic personality and is like a race car that quickly reaches its limits. At high speed, it is stable and solid as a rock.

The TMAX 570 is also beautifully balanced, stable and very manoeuvrable, thanks to details worth mentioning.

  • Its high muffler footrests with individual height adjustment (standard equipment), which allow you to comfortably move the bike forward on full lean and drive out from parking spots or from beneath full bridges, for instance;
  • Its low saddle height and narrow saddle clamping surface make it possible for shorter riders to get their feet flat on the pavement at a stop; and
  • The Bridgestone SC2 Stires on 15-inch wheels has excellent grip even on wet asphalt.

Tires are 120/70-15 at the front and 160/60-15 at the rear. Further, the traction control and ABS ensure safe on the scooter.



The use of the cockpit is uncomplicated and very fast. The system then connects to the smartphone – thanks to the intelligent key system, the key stays in your pocket – and you can play music on your headset directly via Bluetooth or NFC and change it there. 

And if you’re on unfamiliar terrain, it’s worth subscribing to the Garmin navigation software active on our test scooter; that saves expensive additional hardware. You can also use Apple and Google maps for navigation.

The TMAX Tech MAX has a spacious compartment for everything you need to have with you on the move, such as your helmet, gloves and all kinds of little extras. 

Of course, you can do this with other scooters. But the unique thing about the Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX is that it does more than just offer more space for those things that maybe not everybody who rides a scooter with a big engine needs all the time. 

The Tech MAX models are designed to be an all-rounder, comfortable enough to use every day. 

So extra features such as powerful heated grips and seats make using the scooter in everyday situations much easier and more relaxed than is normal for a scooter with a big engine. 

It means you can use the TMAX for long trips without ever getting tired.

With all these added features, the new TMAX arrives at 15,199 Euros.

via Motorradonline



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