MotoGP is a fantastic sport that attracts millions of spectators. The array of exceptional technology and engineering that goes into creating the bikes we see racing deserves a closer look. 

In today’s article, we will discuss those businesses working with motorcycle racing. Working behind the scenes to make our favourite racers’ victories possible.


MotoStudent has been putting fiercely competitive universities from all over the world. In direct competition with each other. 

Students are tasked with designing, developing, manufacturing. And testing their very own Moto GP machine from scratch. 

The prototype will be tested and tested and assess in the MotorLand Aragon FIM Circuit.

The result is a high-octane spectacle that showcases the talents of young engineers and bikers alike.

Two categories 

We do see two categories in which the competition will take place.

  • MotoStudent Electric: The name of the category itself says it’s electric. So it comes all for electric-powered performance machines.
  • MotoStudent Petrol: As the title says, it comes applicable for standard combustion engine machines.

For the 2021 season.MotoStudent has collaborated with Red Bull to present the MotoBoost challenge.

The entire competition does marketing and outreach opportunities for sponsors. Who wish to showcase their products and services. 

These events are designed to offer both educational. And professional development opportunities to teams while showcasing engineering as a career option. 

And providing a forum for engineers to interact with both professionals in their fields. And other students from around the world.

The Red Bull MotoBoost challenge gives engineering students. A chance to develop their skills and get their hands dirty, creating new machines.

via MotoStudent and Red Bull

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