2021 KTM-125 and 390 DUKE-

2021 125 and 390 Duke

What had happened to the new 2021 collection of smaller capacity, KTM DUKEs embodies all the KTM naked bike character of attitude, performance and versatility. 

The re-sculptured KTM 125 DUKE and KTM 390 DUKE are shining examples of a comprehensive range. 

Can fulfil the smallest whim of curiosity or the immense craving for adrenaline.


Picture a road. Is it comprehensive, smooth and empty? Is it busy with traffic?

Does it take you from ‘A to B’ or is it open and inviting? Do you pass the mountains and incredible landscapes? 

Or are you gliding past buildings? And urbanity with ease and freedom? We all have a vision of our journey. 

And the spellbinding array of 2021 KTM naked bikes. And the famous KTM DUKE family is a passport to excitement and mobility.

125 Duke

The KTM 125 DUKE is power in a small, well-directed punch. Don’t settle for a step-through or some other bland, characterless option. The KTM 125 DUKE allows you to look and feel different.

Young riders or new riders will relish that distinctive sense of identity that all bikers enjoy.


Cruising the city, escaping for the day or even daring to drag a knee, the KTM 125 DUKE harnesses all the style. 


And performance guidelines of its senior brothers to fantastic effect. It truly is THE SPAWN OF THE BEAST.

The fuel-injected, light, compact motor – now Euro5 ready – pumps out A1-applicable 15 Hp (11kw) thanks to state-of-the-art injection electronics. 

Fuel consumption is as efficient (a 300km reach) as the handling is sharp. 

The impulsive behaviour comes courtesy of the agile chassis and low centralization. 

WP Suspension upside-down forks, and a shock with an adjustable preload. 

Take any luggage or passenger you want to complement other specs like the BYBRE brakes with a 300mm front disc. 

And 230mm rear, dual-channel ABS, 17″ cast alloy wheels. And a range of juicy KTM PowerParts upgrades to embrace the KTM DUKE vibe.

For 2021 the bike is arguably more aesthetic than ever with two different colour schemes. 

In one example, a classy grey comes offset by the striking orange trellis frame and the silencer’s sporty profile. 

It’s fetching and minimal but functional and instantly appealing. Bystanders will have to look twice to differentiate the KTM 125 DUKE from its larger siblings.

Those with more mileage in their right hands or seeking a potent CORNER ROCKET will satisfy their quest with the KTM 390 DUKE. The bike is a deft touch. 

2021 KTM-125 and 390 DUKE-

The glide from the street, dual carriage to country lanes and rapid blasts of fun has never felt simpler. 

It’s a dream for an A2 license holder or even those who want to wear a grin with their daily commuting grind.

390 Duke

The KTM 390 DUKE brings enviable power-to-weight performance to the market. 

The Euro5-compatible motor churns out 44 Hp (32kw) at a dry weight of less than 150kg. 

Ride by wire, 46mm throttle bodies and a slipper clutch administer the output. And a 13.4l tank ensures the glee comes sustained over distance. 

An optional Quickshifter+ for 2021 is a must. ABS comes fed through the BYBRE brake package. 

And riders will tell if SUPERMOTO MODE has engaged thanks to the wide TFT dash display. 

The view will be steady and reassuring thanks to the WP Suspension forks with open-cartridge tech and the 150mm adjustable shock.

Have a napkin to hand because the 2021 grey and white colour options are mouth-watering. 

Defy onlookers to spot the difference between the KTM 390 DUKE and the other more giant range members. 

The blend of shades from the tank, frame and subframe and front mask and LED headlight and finely integrated pillion seat will stir the soul. 

Riders will love the KTM 390 DUKE playfulness but will also get a kick out of their appearance on the highway.

There are simply no boundaries in 2021. Picture a road. Are you there yet?


Adriaan Sinke, Head of KTM Product Management: “We have much pride in the KTM DUKE range because we know the motorcycles can offer performance and pleasure for a fantastic value. 

There is a bike to suit whatever taste or preference or principal use. We believe the KTM 125 DUKE is an absolute reference in the category and young riders won’t find a more exciting buzz on two wheels. 

The KTM 390 DUKE could be considered a step-up, and corners like a dream. The technical specifications speak for themselves. 

Updating the look and style of the KTM DUKEs was an essential move for KTM, and we feel we’ve hit the mark for 2021.” flux Motors?

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