One electric Trike concept we would like to be in production. And it is Atheris designed by a Transportation design student, Harshul Verma.




The objective is to build a high-performance three-wheel motorcycle of the future and provide leaning dynamism to change the way trikes are built.

The concept takes inspiration from bush viper ( Hispida Atheris ).

The electric Trike contains

  • under the pseudo fuel tank you will be able to see the battery module with a fibreglass cover, graphene cells, and 
  • The two projectors are present on the hud, and they directly project vital information to the helmet.
  • Fast charging port allows the graphene cells to charge in 10 to 15 mins.
  • Further, it comes with the dual Travel modes, and electromagnetic suspension adds more stiffness as per the terrain.
  • Lastly, the Uniwheel is a which is a rear-wheel act as a separate Uniwheel. The Uniwheel can be detached and can be used for the purpose where there is high traffic and in no heavy motorcycle zone.
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