ARC starts to take pre-orders of its ambitious Vector

ARC starts to take pre-orders of its ambitious Vector

A couple of years ago, we had a chat with Mark Truman, CEO ARC Vector, to understand ARC’s vision.
The ambitious startup was an extension arm of Jaguar Land Rover. The ARC team involved top personalities from MotoGP, KTM, Triumph, Ducati and Aston Martin.
The plan was to bring ambitious Vector in limited 399 copies, and Human Machine Interface stacked in Helmet, Jacket close to UK Pounds 94489 apiece.
However, after crowdfunding, ARC went into administration. Later investors pulled out, and ARC went into bankruptcy.
Now Mark Truman wants to throw light in the Vector. He plans to build and bring 10 Vectors in 12 months with below specs.
We are unsure if all the specs that were said 2 years ago will arrive in the current Vector.


  • Volume/Voltage – 399
  • Wheelbase – 1450
  • Seat Height – 840
  • Clutchless Single Gear Transmission
  • ABS
  • Traction Control
  • Adaptive Regen
  • Unique Arc Front End Suspension and Steering
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting
  • Different Selectable Ride and Environment Modes
  • Acceleration:0-100km/h in 3.2 s
  • Top Speed:200 km/h
  • Charging time: 40 mins
  • Personalised for each owner
  • Handcrafted in Britain
  • 436km range, 40 minute charge time
  • Limited edition – 399 motorcycles
  • Voltage – 399V
  • Battery capacity – 16.8kWh
  • Weight – 220kg
  • Range – 436km (NEDC cycle)
  • Top speed – limited to 200kmph

Through the ARCs website, you can now reserve your Vector.

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