Laia Sanz - GASGAS Factory Racing - Dakar Rally 2021 (1)

Via press release.

It’s a long way from over, but finally, after six gruelling days of racing, Laia Sanz can enjoy some well-earned rest having completed yet another challenging day of racing at Dakar Rally 2021.

Completing particular stage six in 25th position, Laia has so far notched up more than 26 hours of racing aboard her GASGAS RC 450F. 


Tired, but in festive spirits, the ‘Queen of the Desert’ will now rest and make preparations for what will undoubtedly be six more days of arduous racing.

  • Onwards and upwards as GASGAS completes the first half of Dakar Rally
  • Laia finishes 25th today and sits 25th overall at the event’s midway point.
  • Well-earned rest on Saturday ahead of return to racing on Sunday.


Laia Sanz: “I’m happy today. I feel like I rode well. But the second half of the day was pretty tough for me. 

I’m pushing, I’m going, but after these six hard days of racing I’m feeling it. 

But it’s like this, Dakar is always tough, especially when you start the event with less than perfect preparation. 

Of course, I want to be faster, I want to be further up the results, but I’m happy all things considered. Importantly, even if some of the stages have been faster than I like, I’m enjoying being here at Dakar. 

I certainly welcome the fact that tomorrow I don’t have to wake up super early and race many kilometres, it’s going to be useful to relax a little with the team and prepare as best as I can for next week. 

Racing ahead of us, many more prolonged and challenging stages, but so far things have been good – my bike’s great, no significant falls, I’m looking forward to more racing but after some rest!”

Intense day

Continuing to dig deep and carry her consistent riding into stage six, Laia enjoyed another intense day in the saddle, moving up five places early on in the stage before easing her pace a little as tiredness set in towards the end of the shortened 347-kilometre special. 

Knowing the importance of maintaining her focus and arriving at the race’s midway point without injury or damage to her bike, Laia brought her GASGAS RC 450F home in 25th position and pleased to have completed the first week Dakar Rally 2021.

With six gruelling days of racing now complete, Laia will tomorrow take a well-earned break from competition and focus her preparations for week two of Dakar Rally 2021.

A long way from over, with another six days of racing still separating her from the event’s finish in Jeddah one thing’s sure, from here on in things are only going to get tougher and more challenging!

Results (provisional): Dakar Rally 2021, stage 6

1. Joan Barreda (Honda) 3:45:27

2. Ross Branch (Yamaha) 3:45:40

3. Daniel Sanders (KTM) 3:46:20

25. Laia Sanz (GASGAS) 4:16:23

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 5)

1. Toby Price (KTM) 24:08:43

2. Kevin Benavides (Honda) 24:10:59

3. Jose Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) 24:11:40

25. Laia Sanz (GASGAS) 26:25:49

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