Alrendomotorcycles has built a new electric motorcycle ‘TS Bravo’, and it can now be pre-ordered here.

The compact 11kw electric liquid-cooled motor can kick out a maximum power output of 58kw while weighing 17kg. The TS Bravo packs quite the punch and keeps the weight down to the bare minimum for the ultimate in riding predictability. 


High-efficiency liquid cooling system allows for more power from a lighter drivetrain. Designed to be compact yet easily serviceable, the TS Bravo delivers where other air-cooled EVs struggle.

From 0 to 100% state of charge in less than 3 hours using just a 220v home power socket. The TS Bravo comes quick charge enabled out of the box without installing a home fast charger. Take your charging station anywhere there’s a plug socket.

The 7-inch display combines everything you need to know into one uncluttered focal point. Gone are the days of multiple dials and tiny dials to make way for new straightforward simplicity.

The TS Bravo’s stylish yet uncomplicated design lets other road users see that less is more with this naked street bike. 

The bike comes in three colours.

  • Vogue Blue

  • Shadow Grey and

  • Liquorice Black

With €9995 on the road.



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