The Yamaha MT-09 is a middleweight naked street bike that not only remains popular with riders who have purchased the stock version but is also a favourite among aftermarket accessory manufacturers.

Middleweight naked street bikes are considered one of the most versatile machines available today.

And the MT-09 happens to be one of the most popular middleweight naked motorcycles in the market today.


The MT-09 has everything that you could expect from a sportbike minus, however, all of its fairings.

However, there are aftermarket accessory manufacturers out there that cater to all kinds of motorcycle riders.

One such manufacturer is SW-Motech, which happens to be a favourite company for accessory development.

SW-Motech has a stellar reputation within the motorcycle industry as it creates a variety of high-quality accessories for numerous bikes.


As expected from a company boasting such a storied history, it surely doesn’t take long for SW-Motech to release accessories for the latest Yamaha model.

The company has just released several new accessories for the MT-09, which just so happens to include some that a motorcycle enthusiast may be very keen on.

SW-Motech says. “Offering luggage solutions, Tank Bags and Tail Bags, as well as the high-quality crash protection again, SW-Motech is committed to providing the best products to give riders around the world access to the latest accessories for their beloved machines.”

The Pro bag range includes five new options, including bags from six to 18,5 litres. Like all SW-Motech products.

In addition to the bags, the accessories include a selection of racks for Yamaha’s MT-09 naked sports bike.

Further, SW-Motech also brings tubular steel crash guards responsible for protecting the crankcase.

The accessory also involves a black aluminium windshield. In recent years unique accessories for motorbikes have evolved from embellishments to true performance upgrades.

In this sense, SW-Motech is a leader in producing individual parts for motorbikes of all brands and types.

via SW-Motech


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