What makes the MT-09 exhaust sound better?

In October 2020 a couple of months ago we saw the first look of the MT-09, and after few days Yamaha unveiled the new MT-09.

With its 889cc, Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valves, 3-cylinder, DOHC CP3 engine the new 2021 MT-09 is capable of producing 87.5kW (119.0PS) at 10,000 rpm power and 93.0Nm (9.5kg-m) at 7,000 rpm.

However, now Yamaha has uploaded a new video of how Yamaha engineers are in the process to develop a mesmerizing exhaust note.


The objective is to provide riders and listeners with an enjoyable experience. The detailed exhaust note comes based on the Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy. 

Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy

The Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy talks about the experience while riding, the rider feels much more in sync with the motorcycle. 

The output comes via intense research and also via getting rid of other polluted noises.

The sound has then comes amplified with the engineering process, which aims to reduce the background noise cutting down on the micron scale.

The thickness of the gear teeth and more as it allows to let the new CP3 engine roar.

The teams worked jointly, expressing a sense of torque via the exhaust. The answer they found was all the new 1.5 chamber muffler design.

The tailpipes made left-right symmetrical as they exit the muffler body. The sound produced by this design is carried to the rider enveloping them in the MT-09’s grin-inducing exhaust sound.


However, the challenge wasn’t over yet after a series of tests for the intake ducts. The team came across the sketch drawn by the designer.

It was unlike anything they have seen before with three intake ducts lining the side of the machine.

For the team leader, the sketch instantly brought to mind a pipe organ and triggered a Eureka moment.

That’s how long and meticulous experimentation to find the perfect combination of the number of ducts. And also it started to see the length and diameter of these ducts.

Prototype after prototype, the engineer’s team produced over 50 different variations. It was a long process going through the cycle of the test-ride and adjust, adjusts and test ride.

They eventually arrived with the design with three intake ducts of different lengths and diameters.

The difference between the ducts is what created the sound carries into a high rev range while still delivering the linear response to throttle action.

It made the unfiltered power to be heard straight via the soul of the new MT-09.


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