Essential La ‘ Hommage ‘

 Essential La ‘ Hommage ‘

George Woodman is famous for making customs that are not only unique but are collectors edition. And we call them super rare.

Be it the ‘Smoking blackfish’ or ‘The wild horse.’ When it comes to the customs, George is someone who defines the style.


George Woodman Portfolio

While every custom is unique in Georges garage, we talk about the latest ‘Hommage’.


Now, there is something more interesting, and those are the fairings, as they come from the carving wood. 

The full fairing is made of beech wood with an overlay of fibreglass and resin to keep it stable (same process than wood surfboard) and same with the seat (where Ultrabat power is hidden).

All the wooden parts are hand made with mostly a grinder with sanding discs.

Let’s see what George has to say about the wooden parts.

“It was a mad work to do, and I cannot say how many hours I’ve spent on it, but I can say with no doubt that it is the first and the last full fairing that you will be able to see “.

While it is easy to bend the metal but we don’t see it happening with the wood.

While the base is Yamaha XSR 700 which is a 689cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline twin cylinder; 8 valves, the 2-cylinder engine features Yamaha’s “Crossplane Concept” 270-degree crank that provides linear torque development in response to the rider’s throttle input. 

The CP2 engine is also light, slim and compact and offers an excellent level of rider-to-machine communication.

The motor calibrates to a cool 73.8 hp at 9,000 rpm with 50.2 lb.-ft. @ 6,500 rpm torque.

 Ohlins in the fork and for the rear spring, rear set by Gilles took the place of telescopic forks and a single rear shock adjustable.

Other components include the KN filters, Rizoma Fuel tap, Xrace exhaust, Diablo SuperCorsa tires, ABS and more.

The paint job comes from Jerome Lopez of Color side who happens to be the friend of George.

The idea to think and build the wooden artwork combined with metallurgy is remarkable as well as even if we try and think how much effort George has put in. We think it is unfathomable.

Plus the modern XSR700 is converted into more stylish retro.

This bike is actually for sale and if you need one you better hurry. You can connect with George here.

Yamaha 2021 XSR700

The conversion ” Hommage” 


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