Denton Performance and Kentauros collaborate to bring something fresh. Let’s see what they have to say.

“Over the next year, we will strive to create a different look at what an FTR1200 “reimagined” can be as a road race machine.


The FTR1200 has been a way of bringing a street version of the winning flat track race bikes of @indianmotorcycle for the enthusiast.

As our main focus is performance, and we really want to push the bounds of performance, and the FTR was chosen as our next bike to go under the scalpel.

Major changes in geometry, wheelbase, power, weight and overall appearance in the name of speed are on the list of engineering tasks for this project.


While the main trellis frame will remain untouched many parts of the bike will be custom made and available to the public to create your own version of a corner-carving  FRR1200.

First up is tackling the swing arm, triple trees and bolt-on 17” wheels to tackle the issue of a true bolt-on 17” wheel package for the FTR1200.

We have a few different colour schemes and liveries of the FRR1200 rendering.

Check our stories for the other colourways and full race livery. Big shout to @kentauros_design for working with us to accomplish our rendering goals. 2021 we are ready, time to haul ass.

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