2021 Yamaha MT-09 first look

 2021 Yamaha MT-09 first look

Yamaha has finally revealed the first pictures of 2021 MT-09 this comes after much teasing and pushing for guesswork.

Yamaha USA had already teased the video before a few days. However, it was not sure from the teaser which bike Yamaha is looking forward to launching. 


First impressions sleek, stylish and raw

The teaser is of 0.24 seconds and talks more about the design.

Now we can see another new video which is close to 1.52 seconds which reveals the entire bike.

Going by the images, we see the design is enhanced, and Yamaha gets rid of the alien-looking headlight.

Curvy fuel tank

And it also comes with a new two-way quick shift engine and modern equipment. The original images did take us by surprise. 

The new design is entirely different from Yamaha’s hyper naked DNA as the bikes under the hyper naked DNA has two sharp protruding headlights.

Further, there are two LED strips present on each side of the headlight, and it does look ravishing. 

The design looks sleeker with a good riding position

We believe the design is a combination of both classy hypernakeds the MT-03 and MT-07. The fuel tank looks curvier and chiselled.

Electronic Package

The New MT-09 comes with sharp multicolour TFT dash. To enhance the electronic package gets the traction control, driving modes and a cool two way up and down quickshifter.

Full TFT dash for more visibility 

Although Yamaha has not revealed many details, the new MT-09 is all set to arrive with new three-cylinder CP3 engine -890 cc, more excellent power -118 HP- and maximum torque – 88 kW.

890cc, CP3, Euro 5 block expected to deliver 118 hp.

Besides, MT-09 is a Euro5 compliant and will get the new silencer under the crankcase, new frame delta box and new rear subframe.

We may also see the new Yamaha MT-07 soon.

Let’s compare the Old Vs New MT-09. You can see the difference is evident.


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