How soon do we see the electric Jawa?

 How soon do we see the electric Jawa?

The question about Jawa is in the process to develop the electric motorcycle is not new.

And we have heard this news since the past few months. However, the electric Jawa renders from Sreejith Krishnan has added more fuel to the fire.

No doubt India is a vast potential motorcycle market. Plus India is working on improving the air quality by bringing in more electric vehicles. 

And Sreejith Krishnan has done some excellent work by design the electric Jawa renders.

Although this isn’t the official design, the significant part is he has kept the Jawa DNA intact. The massive battery is present below the fuel tank. The structure and aesthetics remain as is.

Mahindra has a significant stake in the Jawa and has three models under it, namely Jawa, Forty Two and bobber style Perak. 

Pic Source: Electric Vehicle Web

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