er Benelli TNT 600 302R-1

Benelli arrives with the launch of the next generation 302R, an entry-level fully-faired motorcycle. 

Benelli has made massive changes to make the motorcycle more effective to sustain in the competitive environment with other bikes. 

In fact, we also compared the outgoing 302r with the current 302r.


Below are few points.

Comparison of present Benelli 302R and 2021 302R

  • The new 2022 variant will get the same 300cc engine with 36bhp. However, the outgoing version has two bhp more.
  • Plus, the new 2021 302R will align to Euro5 compliance against the Euro4 of the outgoing model.
  • For 2022 302R, the front and the rear gets a slender look. The front headlight has two different vertical headlights. Compared to the wide horizontal headlights of the outgoing 302R model
  • The weight of the new model gets reduced by 8 kgs. The new model weighs 182kgs while the outgoing has 190kgs.

The motorcycle Benelli 302R comes now groomed to give a sharp look from all angles. Sleek panels shown by fascia make the bike look lovely along with the projection lamps, stacked vertically and flanked with the LED turn indicators. 

The panels on the overall body are improved considerably for smooth flow. The bike comes equipped with a much lighter frame than the one used in earlier models. 

The 2021 version of Benelli 302R weighs just 182 kgs losing a countable weight of 22 kgs. 

Not just the body and look, the bike has an engine powered by a 302 cc parallel-twin 34 bhp motor. It can now meet the Euro 5 norms making it BS6 compliant. 

The bike has 41 mm front forks with preload adjustability and a mono-shock at the rear with the same adjustability feature. The brakes are dual-discs four-piston calliper and a single disc at the back. 

We observe a slight drop in power. Nevertheless, the weight loss would make the ride much smoother and convenient to enjoy. 

Benelli 302 R in India will arrive next few months, but the prices could be high, as experienced in Benelli TRK 502. The bike will have serious competition with the Ninja 300.

Benelli 302r price in India will be beyond Rs 3 Lakh ( ex-showroom).


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