Now, we’re seeing a paradigm shift to more significant displacement naked again — this time for the streetfighter class. 

Bigger is better! The performance naked bikes segment used to be filled with bikes such as the Ducati Monster 796, a small-displacement ride. But then manufacturers started cranking up engine sizes. 




We saw the introduction of the Ducati Monster 821, an upgrade from 796 cc to 821 cc and then to 937cc. This increase made its way to the KTM range in their 790 Duke to 890 Duke, and now we’re seeing the next step in this evolution: middleweight naked bikes displacing with Benelli bringing the 802s.

Benelli has been relatively quiet on the naked bike front, but that’s all to change with a new machine.

Benelli could join KTM and Ducati on the upward trend of naked streetfighter engine sizing, or they could make a bold move by throwing their hat in the ring to make a name for themselves. 

There is some dispute as to whether or not this new naked streetfighter is designed to compete with the 790/937 class or if it’s designed to offer a more enjoyable experience than the naked KTM 790 Duke and the Ducati Monster 821. 


Either way, Benelli decided their newest motorcycle should be named 802S. 

Adding power and displacement is one effective way of getting noticed, and we’ve seen it done by KTM and Ducati.

It will allegedly get an extra 45cc of displacement, which would take it from the previous model. With the increase in power from 80 hp to 96 hp, This move would shift it closer to the likes of the 890 Duke, BMW F 900 R 


The 802S will have a 79cc parallel-twin engine. In addition, the 799cc engine isn’t made by Benelli – it was designed and manufactured by Qianjiang Motors in China. The Chinese company has been responsible for manufacturing engines for models such as the 693cc engine in the recently unveiled TRK702 adventure bike.

Benelli will be finally taking wraps off the long-awaited 802S Naked Streetfighter. However, we are still unsure about its availability and pricing. We are sure it will be first available in the Chinese market before it goes to Asia and Italy.

Source : Motociclismo

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