Spanish born Rieju is a brainchild of Luis Riera Carré and Jaime Juanola Farrés. Rieju derives from their surnames (Riera + Juanola). The firm was born in 1934 and since then has come a long way.

Rieju is famous for its lower displacement mopeds and motorcycles using Minarelli engines.

Based in Bologna, Italy, Minarelli (Motori Minarelli ) is part of Yamaha, and they manufacturer two-stroke and four-stroke 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 300cc and 400cc internal combustion engines.


Unlike any other motorcycle concept, Bezzi takes the Reiju Jarama 500 concept to the next level.

Anyone who dreams of a lightweight sports cafe racer with carbon components has to see this concept.

Now let’s see what Bezzi himself has to say on this concept.

Jarama 500 – Oberdan Bezzi’s idea

Despite Spain being a nation where motorcycle passion is excellent and boasts a school of excellence at riders’ level. 

It doesn’t currently leave a mark on the production of high-level road motorcycles, and the Iberian Houses (a minimal number for the truth) prefer to focus on off-road vehicles or scooters.

Rieju could, however, subvert this trend, suggesting a nice 500 cc bicylindrical sportswoman. With all the cards to get back into the wishes of the young Spaniards.

Of course, the new hypothetical JARAMA 500, despite being thought and planned in Europe. 

Should play the force to draw on Chinese partners for the most relevant technical components such as engine and frame.

But using European productions regarding brakes, wheels and suspensions would greatly ennoble its realisation.

Moreover, a modern and western aesthetic would give her extra boost to be considered attractive by young enthusiasts’ customers.

Will this be one of the new outlets for Spanish motorcycle production?

We’ll see!


To conclude, the light olive green Jarama 500 is a heartthrob. Especially with its design and the sleek round exhaust wrapped with black carbon fibre.

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