BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR 310: Which is the better buy?

 BMW G 310 RR vs TVS Apache RR 310: Which is the better buy?

Aside from choosing a bike based on brand and price, some buyers also pick the model based on its features. And many of these features are focused on security and safety. 

Some of you want to be able to view notifications or control your vehicle remotely; others want to track their rides and improve their performance with fancy gadgets. 

Lower displacement sports 

Plenty of goodies make buying a motorcycle more fun and exciting. But, there is also a provision to protect every rider as well. It is complemented with additional features that might seem helpful but could be misguided ways of safer riding.

Their innovation is squarely focused on providing the customers with a ‘ready-to-go’ state-of-the-art motorcycle. And this spirit runs strong in every member of TVS. They work daily with the singular mission of helping our customers realise their dreams on two wheels as efficiently as possible.


The Apache RR has traditionally been the bike of enthusiasts, a top performer who provided thrills and the quickest across the board. The Liquid-cooled 312.2cv engine arrives using the latest technology, which ensures good handling & easy ride even at high speeds. In other words, the bike remains steady despite being pushed to the limit by its rider.


TVS Apache RR 310

We’ve had a chance to spend quality time with the TVS Apache RR 310 long enough to get a good feel of its performance.

As you may have known, the Apache RR 310 shares its engine with the BMW G 310 RR we tested earlier.

The G310 RR features a TVS’s liquid-cooled 313cc, single-cylinder engine, churning out a healthy 25kW (33.5 HP) and 27.3 Nm (20.1 lb-ft) of torque.

The BMW G 310 RR is a road-legal racing bike that blurs the boundaries between supersport and small-capacity bikes.

BMW G 310 RR

BMW G 310 RR

While based on a very different price point and overall platform, the G 310 RR does not break from a proven successful formula of Apache RR 310.

Called the BMW G 310 RR, the new entry-level model arrives as the first in a series of BMW models to be manufactured locally with the help of TVS.

However, here are their significant differences.

via BMW and TVS

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