Cleveland Cyclewerks, a manufacturer of combustion engine motorcycles, are in process to unveil its first electric motorcycle in the coming month.

We have not heard a lot on tech specs, but then the company did share a few cool specs of there upcoming bike.

The bike is a mystery; however, the current project name is Falcon Rising, and two models will the company will cater to one is Falcon BLK, and the second is Falcon 01.


Falcon 01 gets low speed as compared to Falcon BLK. What we also got to know that Falcon BLK is capable of reaching an 85 mph (137 km/h).

Specs, Power/Weight Ratio, and Price

In a single charge as per company, the bike goes around 180 miles (290 km), but we assume 4.6 kWh battery pack the range will obviously be slower.

Efficiency is based on 25 Wh/mi consumption level demands speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

The Falcon BLK also gets 68 kg of curb weight that is essentially one of the best power to weight ratio.

Now that may or may not weigh less than the rider, but given the fact that it is 68kgs, it is excellent.

Other beautiful specs it gets are a 2-year battery warranty and a 30-inch seat. 

And a mode that allows increasing the power for some amount of time. However, the prices of the bike are top-shelf Falcon 01 costs $7,999, and the Falcon BLK costs $14,995. 

Another thing the company has still not released the design of the bike but they are confident that they can justify this price for the bikes.

However, the company has made the frame public, and we could see the battery carrier in the frame.

The earlier leaked images also showed a thin battery pack that has 4.6 kWh of capacity. It will come with two battery packs of 2.3 kWh.

We also get to know that Cleveland Cyclewerks has few tie-ups with companies like Brite Energy Innovations, CARD Performance, TorrMetal, Manufacturing Works, HMF Performance and Sphere Brakes, those are helping the Cleveland Cyclewerks to develop the bike.

The plan to launch the bike is on March 20th.

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