Doppelganger will launch “Stretch Bike Cover 2”, which focuses on size, high elasticity, and brushed back.

The stretch bike cover is an indoor cover that avoids the dust that causes trouble. A regular bike cover has a lot of gaps between the bike and the lid.

So it can’t prevent “cover flaws” due to the cover moving and “dust” which is a cause of electrical system problems but stretch bike covers fit the shape of the bike.


Suppresses cover scratches and dust.

The new product adopts a high-strength stretch material. That fits the complex shape of the bike and is secure against projections such as cutting steps.

Since it extends not only diagonally but also vertically and horizontally. It can cover even when the handle is fully locked.

The opening secures an active expansion and contraction of 160%. To fit the cover while protecting the exterior of the car. Also, the delicate exterior of the motorcycle is softly wrapped, and the entire surface is brushed.

Normal size is W166 × L (D) 50 × H110cm. The recommended conforming size is a motorcycle with a total length of 2350mm or less.

It can be worn regardless of the bike category, such as sports, tourer, American, while fitting moderately by three-dimensional sewing.

In Japan the price by the tax is 7000 yen.

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