Droog Moto, founded by Max and Erica Droog in 2016, is a renowned custom motorcycle shop known for its post-apocalyptic streetfighter-meets-tracker style.


The shop produces one-off bikes customized for each client. Now, Droog Moto has teamed up with electric powersports firm Volcon to create a limited edition version of the Volcon Brat, showcasing Droog’s signature design.


Droog Moto

The Droog X Volcon Brat, built on the Volcon Brat’s Exo-Arch chassis, incorporates Droog’s design cues like a stubby front fender, MX bars, and wheels with aero disc covers and knobby tires. The circular headlight is replaced with Droog’s tracker-inspired front number board hiding an LED headlight. The Brat’s boxy gas tank design becomes a stylized cover on the frame’s top tube. It also features a custom suede seat and a multi-functional rack.

Droog X Volcon Brat 3

Class 2 E-Bike

While still a Class 2 E-Bike, the customized Brat retains its 750-watt motor, 28-mph top speed, 70-mile range, and 86-pound curb weight. Upgraded components include fully adjustable suspension front and rear, and improved braking with Magura MT7 calipers and MT7E master cylinders, resulting in enhanced stopping and cornering performance.

Droog X Volcon Brat

The Droog X Volcon Brat is available on a made-to-order basis with a price of $5,800, a significant increase from the standard Brat’s $2,799 MSRP. However, for enthusiasts of Droog Moto’s unique style, this customized motorcycle presents an attractive option.

Droog X Volcon Brat 2


The collaboration between Droog Moto and Volcon has given rise to the impressive Droog X Volcon Brat, a limited edition motorcycle that encapsulates Droog’s distinctive design ethos. With its unique post-apocalyptic streetfighter-meets-tracker style, this bike represents the culmination of Droog Moto’s expertise and Volcon’s electric power sports innovation.

Post-Apocalyptic Style

By combining signature design elements, such as the stubby front fender, MX bars, and tracker-inspired front number board, with upgraded components like adjustable suspension and enhanced braking, the Droog X Volcon Brat offers not only a visually striking motorcycle but also improved performance on the road.


While the price point of $5,800 may be higher than the standard model, it’s a justified investment for enthusiasts who seek a one-of-a-kind, Droog-designed motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of both aesthetics and capabilities.

Droog Moto

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