Ducati and Pramac

A few weeks ago, we reported that Ducati would like to continue their MotoGP partnership with Pramac after the current deal expires. 

The new contract is now official, as Pramac has announced its three-year extension with the Italian marque. 

The collaboration 

The deal will last until November 30th, 2024, which means an additional three seasons of MotoGP racing under the leadership of Paolo Campinoti and Claudio Domenicali.


On the occasion Owener of Pramac, Paolo Campinoti said 

“We are very proud of the work and the results we have achieved in recent years with Ducati. 

And are happy to continue this incredible adventure for the next three years.” Recently, the Pramac race team became a more significant part of Ducati’s MotoGP project.

“We have created an extraordinary relationship with Ducati. We have achieved incredible goals, and the best is yet to come!”

Pramac has established itself as a strong backer of teams operating with Italian motorcycles. 

If this becomes a winning formula. Ducati would undoubtedly be happy since they are defending their MotoGP Championship title until the end of 2021.

The extension of collaboration will also boost the riders. With everything going well between Zarco and Pramac as he took three podiums among five races.

In the leadership table, Zarco is behind by twelve points compared to Fabio Quartararo

While on the other side, we see Pramac’s Jorge Martin impressive performance. As he took the third position in Doha. Even though Martin is injured, Pramac will continue with Martin until 2022

Source: Motorsport

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