Ducati brings a smart jacket worth 699 US Dollars

 Ducati brings a smart jacket worth 699 US Dollars

Ducati has unveiled there new smart jacket ( vests) for both men and women.

The smart jacket provides excellent comfort and the same time maximum safety. Further, the jacket comes with the integrated airbag. It is light and gets ventilation for air circulation. 

The rider can wear the vest under the jacket with protectors. The D-air stand-alone airbag mechanism is water-resistant. 

Also is it hassle-free of cables and you may not have to connect it with the bike.


Further, the vest also comes with a unique patented bag from Dainese. This bag is responsible for providing consistent safety via micro-filament structure. The microfilament ensures controlled inflation.

Ducati-Smart Jacket-vest


Keeping track of the data vest gets cool technology of seven sensors, and these sensors also help process the data 1,000 times per second.

The bag is intelligent enough to activate during any incident. 

The jacket features the outerwear- and tear-resistant and anti-pilling polyester mesh and the reflecting inserts ensuring maximum visibility. 

The outstanding safety performance is not the only plus in this item. Which is also extremely comfortable thanks to the stretch fabric on the sides. That ensures a perfect fit to the adjustable width and two practical outer pockets. 

Available both with men and women fit if offers unbeatable comfort to everyone. Moreover, this item is easy to pack to be stored without taking too much space. 

Ducati-Smart Jacket-Vest

At an authorized Ducati dealer, you can restore the bag if the airbag engages. 

The understated look, highlighted by the Ducati logo and red inserts, makes this item a perfect match for all other protective gear. 

The reflex inserts increase rider visibility in case of bad weather or the dark. The perfect ally to get on board and enjoy the ride.

In the USA, this vest costs $699.95 Dollars and is available for men from sizes as small as XS to XXL.

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