Ducati as brand

Ducati is not merely a motorcycle company; it is an idea. A global community of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts united by their love for two wheels. 

A statement that emphasizes the enjoyment of motorcycling, with no compromises and no limits. 

The brand recognizes any single country or region cannot contain this philosophy. And thus selected China as the first stop on its newest video documentary series.


It continues to cut the urban clutter of motorcycles filmed on mainstream networks.With yet another movie that effectively utilizes the new technology while combining human emotion and real artistry with stunning imagery. 

The latest episode, Silk Road Episode 1, has everything. High-speed desert racing and a ride appears completely insane!

Silk Road

The Ducati Multistrada V4 Silk Road Grand Tour. The series’ latest episode took us to Silk Road, China.

On 15th Dec, Ducati debuted a mini-documentary series showcasing the Multistrada V4. Travelling along with various parts of the historical Silk Road trading route through China and inner Mongolia. 

Over the course of 5 episodes to be released one per month over several months. The brand says the series will take Multistrada V4 and moto travel enthusiasts well into 2022.

They tested the Multistrada V4’s versatility with this latest challenge. For Hongyi, it was a way to get back to the essence of what riding is all about.

Zhao Hongyi

With the help of motorcycle adventurer and Dakar Rally competitor Zhao Hongyi and the Ducati dealer network. It’s now possible to bring you a completely different kind of documentary from a brand new region of the world. 

In the episode, Hongyo takes his young daughter. And wife to meet his former Wupu Dahaidao Dakar Rally teammate, Zaker Yakp, in Xinjiang.  

The film aims to show viewers what they can expect from two-wheeled exploration in some of the most exotic locales. 

The feature has been released focusing on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, emphasizing Instagram stories.

The 10-minute episode of its Silk Road documentary series centred around. One of the most scenic locales in the country that boasts some of the world’s best roads.

Exotic locations

The Multi V4 is featured prominently as Zhao rides through mountainous terrain and lush forested areas.

Take a look at this documentary about the Silk Road Culture Project. Which showcases Ducati’s Multistrada V4. 

The project aims to take young Chinese filmmakers to some of the world’s most exotic locations. In search of new ways to bring their culture to life.And it’s gotten support from the likes of Zha.

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