Ever wondered the shape of Motorcycles to come. Well, at least not we. But Anton Filipenko based in Russia has built an Electro Horse and recently he completed the prototype and tests were carried out under numerous weather conditions.

Inspired from Horse Anton says is it a mix of past and future as there was always a horse in every yard for commutation. While Anton loves Russia he talks about the challenges like traffic jams, the constant increase in gas prices, bad roads, air pollution.

These problem statements could be resolved by his innovative ” Electro Horse “that doesn’t need oil, fuel or filter replacement. The vehicle is easy to maneuver in the traffic. Plus electric meant there is no pollution and is economical for a pocket.

  • The horse can store power reserve up to 170-200 km in a single charge.
  • It goes up to a speed of 80 km/h.
  • Gets special suspension.
  • It requires 90 minutes to charge from the 220 V home network.

Anton says that it is passed the tests and it does require minor amendments as he needs funds to purchase the equipment and material and that’s the reason he started the fundraiser campaign.

You can support Anton below on this website.


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