Everything about the Royal Enfield Meteor 350

 Everything about the Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is all set to arrive soon, and with this, Royal Enfield’s portfolio is sure to get more robust.

We expect the Meteor 350 to arrive in October 2020.

The Thunderbird 350X will inspire styling cues of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. However, it will get a new chassis.

Meteor will arrive in three different trims Stellar, Fireball and Supernova.

Apart from the above, it is all set to arrive with some cool paint schemes, circular headlight, alloy wheels and sports style split seats.

A few days ago we also got to know about the paint schemes of the Meteor 350.

And it will arrive in seven different paint schemes for three variants Supernova, Fireball and Stellar.

Supernova will get Brown and Blue colour, while Fireball will come with Red and Yellow on the other hand. Stellar brings Blue metallic, Black matte and Red metallic.

On the other hand engine we all know is single cylinder 350cc, air-cooled engine which is capable of making 20 hp and 27Nm of torque.

Other specs involve navigation system with bluetooth connectivity, semi-digital dash and led taillight and led drl and not to forget the USB charger.

Performance specs are similar to Thunderbird 350 like the twin-sided back shock absorbers and telescopic forks on the opposite end.

Dual-channel ABS with single disc brake on the rear and front wheel also to make it more personalized, Royal Enfield plans to offer multiple accessories.

Expect the price tag to be around Rs 1.70 Lakh.

.Pic Source: YouTube

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