With all of the attention electric bikes have received lately. Many forget that there’s a lot more to the genre than just the hard-charging and silent-riding ones. 

Take this new offering by Fantic Motor.Which has been in the business since 1968.One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in Italy. 

Tapping into their rich heritage of building lightweight motorcycles and scooters. They’ve now decided to introduce a model that can be enjoyed by newbies or everyday commuters as well.



Although Fantic Motor surprised us all with its starter-level machines at EICMA 2021. The images of its upcoming electric scooters have been foreshadowed. 

The photos reveal that the forthcoming scooters are aimed at beginner and intermediate riders. Just like showcase motorcycles.

And if you’re looking for a bike to take care of your travel needs in a quick manner. Yet within an economy-friendly budget. Fantic Motor’s upcoming electric scooters are the right way to go. 

By its looks, Fantic is scheduled to start the manufacturing process by the latter half of 2022.

L3e and L1e specs

Further, the company plans to launch both a 50cc and a 125cc variant of the scooter, powered by an electric motor. 

According to Fantic, these electric scooters are targeted at beginners.Which will enable them to get used to larger vehicles before moving on to motorcycles. Or other more powerful two-wheelers in the future.

Designed to be a light and low budget commuting vehicle whose sole purpose was to help relieve some of the traffic congestion plaguing cities.

More precisely, the Italian manufacturer is reportedly planning to offer two versions of its new product in the global market. 

The first versions (L3e:50cc and L1e: 125cc) have a lower power output. While the second has a slightly better battery.

The L3e will have a top speed at 45 kms (28 mph) and L1e at 80 kms (50 mph).The new e-scooter will feature 125 cc and 50 cc without compromising weight.


While the 125 cc version will weigh as much as 100 kg (220 lbs), the 50 cc version will weigh no more than 75 kg (165 lbs). Both versions are powered by a rear hub motor with a peak power output of 5 kW (7.5 hp) and peak torque of 13 Nm (9 lb-ft). 

The 125 cc gets a 4.4 kWh lithium battery, while the smaller 50 cc gets a 2.2 kWh lithium battery. 

More specs

It focuses on making the scooter as light as possible with an aluminium frame and a specification that makes it easy for beginners to ride. 

The company has presented a package that takes away a lot of the learning curve in electric vehicles.

It will arrive with 16-inch wheels with both ends getting the disc brakes supported via CBS.

Hydraulic shock absorbers on the front are supported by 100mm travel.And on the rear, we see the mono-shock with 85mm of travel. 

It will also have Bluetooth and a dedicated mobile app.

via Motorradonline and Fantic Motor


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