In recent years, the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and off-road motorcycle (dirtbike) segments have increased electric powertrain offerings. Proponents of this technology point to increased rider safety and reduced noise pollution as two benefits of going the electric route, which are worth considering. 

FLUX Performance’s Primo

However, the primary hurdle for both ATV and dirtbike riders is their vast array of off-road capabilities — from desert terrain to hard-packed singletrack. So, how could an off-roader choose between a conventional gas-engined vehicle and an EV powertrain? That’s where FLUX Performance’s Primo comes into the picture. 



Focused on delivering everything inherent to an off-roading lifestyle — from speed and torque to comfort and handling — the company is confident enough in its expertise that it claims its Primo will be capable of outperforming “all other all-electric off-road vehicles currently available on the market.” And while we like the highfalutin talk, let’s take a look at what this electric offroad platform offers.


As electric two-wheelers continue to make relentless headway towards the mainstream, we’re now beginning to see OEMs apply EV tech to the off-road sector. And while this strategy is not exactly novel, Slovenian startup FLUX Performance is poised to do so with a range of fully electric models.

FLUX not only offers Primo as the electric street-legal offroad motocross bike but also gets supermoto variants. With a stunning 95% efficiency rate, the bike gets just a 7 kgs (17 lbs) frame. What’s more, it also has inspired by Formula 1. The bike has a 2-stage geared reduction system integrated with the virtual clutch.


The 6.7kWh, 400V waterproof swappable battery is responsible for providing power to the motor. The battery is also set in aerospace-grade housing.

The frame comes from a championship-winning platform from HM Moto (now Vent Moto). FLUX Performance has been engineered by FLUX Performance to optimally integrate the electric drive while maintaining geometry and flex characteristics. The battery is protected from frontal impact by the lower cradle.

Performance specs

And has a custom cast swingarm and dedicated linkage to complete the geometry to make your ride fast & safe.

With astonishing 553.2ft-lbs torque, the Primo gets 85 horses. Primo gets near-instant torque to all two wheels with unlimited power with an electric motor and a battery installed into the dirtbike’s frame. This electric dirt bike makes more torque than even Lamborghini’s Huracan STO supercar (that makes 416ft-lbs).


The bike gets unlimited personalization from moped power to face bending full power via smartphone connection. With 6 different parameters, you can control how much power you have and where and when you want it. You can also prepare personal maps to have ready for any riding condition.

Accelerometers, gyros, wheels speeds, vibration, GPS and a powerful processor. The Primo is a technological platform paving the way for developing algorithms that will improve lap times and safety, enable unique modes and teach riders habits.


Now your dirtbike features theft protection. You can lock it with a PIN code via smartphone.

The Excel Takasago wheels are supported by a KYB 48mm front suspension with custom settings for maximum plush & familiarity. And Premium Öhlins TTX shock with twin-tube technology, acting fast on small bumps but sustained on significant impacts, offering unparalleled traction & stability.

FLUX has unveiled its Primo electric dirtbike lineup, with the company confirming that it will formally begin producing high-performance off-roaders in 2023. FLUX needs to reveal the pricing and specs. However, you can preorder the Primo with an initial $55 (€50) as a deposit.

via Flux and Motocrossactionmag

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